Czy pestki arbuza można jeść?

Can watermelon seeds be eaten?

Watermelon in summer is a frequent guest in our homes. Some people meticulously get rid of the seeds just before consumption, while others, on the contrary, absorb them together with the fruit. Can watermelon seeds be eaten?

Should we eat watermelon seeds or not?

It turns out that watermelon seeds have many nutrients that positively affect our health and well-being. They can be eaten together with watermelon, but it is also worth preparing other meals from them. An example here is baking them with olive oil, which can be a great snack. A handful of watermelon seeds can also be eaten in a salad, just like sunflower seeds or nuts.

You already know that you can eat watermelon seeds. Are they tasty? They are somewhat reminiscent of sunflower seeds, but can have a nutty aftertaste.

What’s all the fuss about, or what do watermelon seeds contain?

Eating watermelon seeds is a pretty good idea. All because they are healthier compared to other snacks we often reach for while watching TV or reading a book. However, it is worth noting that for some people they can be calorific – 100 g of dried seeds is 557 kcal.

Watermelon seeds are a source of magnesium, iron and folic acid. You can quickly make up for deficiencies in your body with them. They also positively affect the cardiovascular system, due to the content of omega-6 acids. Regular consumption of watermelon seeds has a good effect on regulating blood pressure and protect against cell damage. Why They contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

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