Plants ideal for growing on the terrace

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Plants ideal for growing on the terrace
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It is worth planting plants on balconies and terraces not only for aesthetic but also practical reasons. Flowers can provide a great shield from wind and sun as well as unwanted glances from the outside. You can grow many different kinds of plants in pots and boxes. These can be seasonal species as well as perennials, shrubs and miniature trees. If you like to cook, consider growing edible plants – herbs, vegetables, and fruit species.

How do I create the right environment for plants on a patio?

The patio is a space for relaxing and meeting friends and needs to be set up properly. Unique plant arrangements are perfect for this. If you want to arrange your terrace or balcony, read about recommended care of plants before buying them and opt for pots that are practical and fit in with the surroundings

Pots for the terrace should be made of materials that guarantee resistance to the weather. For this purpose, it is worth choosing functional models of fiberglass and polyester resin, which show resistance to rain and frost, among other things. It is worth noting whether the pot is insulated with Styrofoam and whether it has a watering system. Models intended for the balcony can also be equipped with water reservoir systems, indicators of accumulated water and mineral substrates. If visual aspects are important to you, consider that illuminated plant pots are very effective on the terrace in the evening.

When it comes to durability and resistance, concrete pots are recommended. They are UV resistant, frost resistant, and thanks to impregnation do not absorb moisture from the ground. Buying better quality pots, which will not be damaged by exposure to the weather, is a long-term investment so that you don’t have to replace the pots every season. Terrace plants can be exposed to continuous sunlight and need to be given the best possible conditions in which to grow.

Which plants to grow on a patio?

Many people recommend the decorative bed geranium as well as the garden pansy for growing on the patio. Spring bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and narcissi are also suitable for potting. If you like seasonal plants, plan to plant sapphires and snapdragons in autumn. If you want to brighten up your patio with color, be sure to check out begonias and verbenas. If you are a fan of fragrant species, you may like plants such as mace, jasmine or bay laurel. For those who like conifers, it’s recommended to plant miniature species such as vigas, thuyas, Nana pine, yews or spruces. For a terrace, it’s good to choose species that look nice and don’t require too much work, such as frequent repotting

Many flora lovers prefer small trees with an ornamental character, as well as shrubs and perennials. Perennials which look great on the terrace include lavender, boysenberries and hostas. Small fruit trees (such as plums, apple and apricot trees) and edible plants (strawberries, strawberries) will also do well. The terrace and balcony are also excellent places to grow garden herbs. Spice and medicinal herbs can be useful. The most popular species include: fragrant basil, peppermint, dill, sage and rosemary.

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