How to secure a balcony for a cat?

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Jalynn Peterson
How to secure a balcony for a cat?
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For cat owners, the question of how to properly secure the space on the balcony has certainly been on their minds more than once. How to protect the balcony against our pet, so that he does not hurt himself?

Summer is near and the sun’s rays have already appeared in our homes. Opening the balcony will certainly be an indispensable part of this period. Are you afraid that your four-legged companion is just waiting to sneak out?

In the absence of safeguards, it is enough to look away for a moment to see a cat leaning over the balustrade from the top floor of your block of flats. We would like to avoid such situations, so the only thing left is the summer with an open window or the installation of security measures.

How to properly secure the balcony?

If your pet has not previously shown a desire to explore your balcony on the railing, it does not mean that it will never do so. The animal in a fall from the third or fourth floor can break paws, suffer serious internal injuries or even die. Even peaceful cats have occasions when they get curious about a bird and go in pursuit.

Adapting a balcony for a cat is unfortunately an expensive investment. Prices range from several hundred to even a thousand PLN. In such a situation, it is worth considering self-assembly, especially since the process is not complicated. In connection with the fact that you do not hire a team, you will bear only the cost of the materials used. The price therefore depends on the size of your balcony, but should not exceed 300 zł.

The assembly in question is designed for a balcony with a ceiling. Without this it will be difficult to install anything, as open balconies require specialized knowledge and crew

The necessary material, without which we will not start, is a net. In this case, the most preferred due to its durability and adaptation to harsh weather conditions is the fishnet.

On the market you will find nets with different mesh sizes, but you should be most interested in those with a diameter of 35-45 mm. If your pet is in the habit of biting objects, you should be tempted to buy one made of steel. This will allow you to quickly remove it in life-threatening situations, such as a fire

Necessary materials

It is possible to order a fishing net created to the size of your balcony. Both steel and metal netting will be suitable for protection. Due to the nature of their manufacture, they can be easily manipulated, giving the desired shape. You will also need wall plugs for installation. If you have the option, choose those with a closed end and ending in an incomplete circle. They will be applied every 50 centimeters, on both sides of the net, so you will need more of them

Another essential item for creating security for your cat will be mounting rods. Alternatively, you can use steel wire to attach individual pieces. However, if you want to get the job done efficiently, consider attaching the netting using a lath. You can also do this with string, but it will be difficult to tighten it enough so that it does not hang unsightly from the top

The rod you use should be sturdy and rigid so that your cat doesn’t find any holes. In addition, necessary tools will prove to be a drill, extension cord, ladder, hammer, among others. It is important that, despite the low cost, the work is done reliably, so as to ensure the safety of the cat.

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