Floor tiles – how to choose and clean

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Floor tiles – how to choose and clean
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Floor tiles are an extremely functional, but also impressive solution for your home. Thanks to the huge variety of designs, colors and materials, you are sure to find something for yourself. We tell you how to choose and clean floor tiles.

What types of tiles can you find in stores?

Whether tiles will perform well or not, depends mostly on the material they are made of. So what advantages and properties do the different types have?

The most popular material of floor tiles is certainly tile. And not without reason, because it gives you the most scope when it comes to interior design. Such tiles are covered with glaze, thanks to which they beautifully reflect light. This makes them a great choice for small interiors, as they optically enlarge them. They work well both as bathroom tiles and tiles for the kitchen. Glazes are extremely resistant to chemicals, so you can easily wash them from any dirt

Porcelain stoneware, which is ceramic tiles that have undergone an additional pressing process, will also work well in kitchens and bathrooms. The tiles are very hard and durable, which makes them ideal for both the floor and the walls

Another type of tile, which will also be an interesting solution, is terracotta. These are stoneware tiles that, like the previous ones, will work well both as wall tiles and as floor tiles. They are made of purified fine-grained clay and it is what gives them their beautiful color

Matte or glossy?

In addition to the material, from which the tiles are made, their finish is also very important. It largely depends on whether it is easy to keep the tiles clean or not. In addition, both matte and glossy finish have unique aesthetic qualities. Matte looks very modern and creates an interesting base for industrial arrangements, especially when paired with dark colors, and additionally, no dirt can be seen on it

On the other hand, high gloss enlivens the interior and optically enlarges it, which is why it is perfect for small kitchens and bathrooms. Remember, however, that this feature also has its drawbacks – from a distance you can see any dirt on them, even delicate water stains.

How to clean floor tiles effectively?

If you want your tiles to always look impeccable, you have to take proper care of them. But how to do it? Of course, you should start each cleaning process with getting rid of dust with a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe the surface with warm water without any chemical additives

Next, you can prepare a solution of water and vinegar in the proportion of one glass of vinegar per one liter of water. This mixture is the best way to clean ceramic tiles. It instantly dissolves grease and removes sticky dirt

If you want to strengthen the effect of the mixture even more, you may add a bit of dishwashing liquid to it. Remember that after washing the floor with this solution, always rinse it with clean lukewarm water. It is also important to protect the grout before each cleaning, for example by wetting it. This will help you avoid damaging them.

Main photo: Patrick Hendry/unsplash.com

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