Can you grow mint on a balcony?

On the balcony
Jalynn Peterson
Can you grow mint on a balcony?
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Want to grow mint on your balcony? It’s no problem. All you have to do is make sure it has the right growing space and other conditions to create a unique plant

Mint on the balcony

You can successfully grow mint in a pot on your balcony. However, many people know how to take care of the plant and what conditions to provide it with. The first step to successful cultivation is to find information on how to grow herbs at home

There is a reason why beginners choose to grow peppermint. You can plan to plant it in balcony boxes, hanging containers as well as all kinds of free-standing pots.

How do I grow peppermint on my balcony?

Although many people choose mint in an already grown form, there is nothing to prevent you from growing it on your balcony or windowsill. Then it is best if you choose a developed seedling, which will allow you to grow mint throughout the season.

In addition, this species is possible to propagate from seeds. Mint is sown in boxes placed in a warm room at the beginning of spring. If you are interested in growing it on a perennial basis, it is worth bearing in mind that the aboveground part of the plant dies before winter. New shoots will not appear until the following spring. During the winter the pot should be kept in a cool but bright room, and watering should be limited, but not stopped altogether.

Requirements and care for growing mint on a balcony

Are you planning to grow mint on your balcony? Excellent idea! First get to know its location and care requirements.

Mint loves partial shade, so its cultivation will be successful on northern, eastern, as well as western balconies. If they have to deal with glaring sun, mint leaves will burn quickly and even die with excessive daily watering.

If you purchase a substrate, such as garden soil, mix it with the addition of sand or clay. Put a drainage layer on the bottom of the pots. This way you can prevent the roots from rotting. The pots should have holes at the bottom. The plant grown on the balcony should be watered regularly, which will prevent the root ball from drying out.

Additional rules for growing mint

  1. The substrate should be kept moist at all times. Nevertheless, mint does not like to be flooded
  2. Fertilizing the plant for one season is not necessary, especially when the plant was planted on peat substrate. If we intend to feed the plant, the doses of fertilizer should be strongly diluted
  3. The most important of care procedures is the systematic pinching of mint shoots, which causes the plant to bush out, and removing the inflorescences that appear.
  4. Mint blooms from June to August. The mint flowers are arranged in inflorescences that form on the tops of the shoots. To harvest a supply of dried mint for yourself, the first harvest should be done just before flowering. The shoots should then be cut above the first or second layer of leaves.
  5. Two to three harvests can be made during the season. However, make sure that the last one is not made later than August, otherwise the wintering of the plant will not be optimal

Ready to grow mint on your balcony? We hope so!

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