Lighting for a small balcony – bet on LED

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Jalynn Peterson
Lighting for a small balcony – bet on LED
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The place of placement of balcony lighting is worth predicting already at the stage of renovation of the apartment. Thanks to this, it will be possible to run an electrical system to the balcony. What lighting is worth choosing?

Wall lamps

The popular wall lamps look best on a medium-sized balcony. If you want to hang wall lamps on a small balcony, it’s worth opting for minimalist models.

Hanging lamps

This solution works best on small square balconies. You should think carefully about hanging such a lamp, because a lamp on a long chain can damage the glass when there is a gusty wind.

Cotton balls on the balcony

A very fashionable decoration of the balcony is cotton balls. This is a great solution if you cannot hang a traditional lamp outside. Cotton balls should accent the selected place on the balcony.

Solar Led lamps

If you want to have an ecologically illuminated balcony, then solar LED lamps are the best choice. On a small balcony, the best choice are lamps that are driven into pots placed on the balustrade. In stores, solar lamps are available in different forms and colors.

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