Can you grow tomatoes on a balcony?

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Jalynn Peterson
Can you grow tomatoes on a balcony?
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Growing tomatoes is not very demanding – so even people who are not very fond of plants can manage. You can even grow your own tomatoes on a terrace or balcony.

It is well known that fruit and vegetables taste best when they are grown by yourself. You can be sure that no chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers were used in their production, and they can yield regularly. Can tomatoes be grown successfully on a balcony? And how do you do it?

What varieties of tomatoes can I grow on my balcony?

Remember that the plants you decide to grow on your balcony will need space to grow. For this reason, it is worth choosing dwarf varieties, which are described as those for pot and balcony cultivation. Cherry tomatoes or cherry tomatoes will be perfect.

It is also worth reaching for varieties that do not require additional care – such as pruning. Before buying seedlings, carefully consider what conditions are necessary for the growth of a given variety – for example, whether you need a lot of sun and constant watering – and what the final product will be.

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When and how to grow tomatoes?

It is advisable to plant tomatoes in pots on the balcony in the second half of May. Regardless of whether you buy ready-made seedlings or transplant seedlings grown from seeds, you should wait for the last frosts. Fill the pots with vegetable soil – it is rich in complex sets of nutrients – and don’t forget about drainage, such as gravel. Tomatoes require a lot of moisture – water them even twice a day. However, be careful not to let the stream of water hit the leaves of the plant. They may become more susceptible to viruses and diseases

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