5 autumn balcony box ideas

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Jalynn Peterson
5 autumn balcony box ideas
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Even in late autumn we can delight in beautifully arranged balcony boxes. The end of summer does not mean the end of floral compositions. We can choose from many flowers in autumn colors, thanks to which we will create atmospheric arrangements in balcony boxes.

Among autumn plants, heather definitely reigns supreme. However, it is also worth paying attention to chrysanthemums, asters or velvets and cyclamen. Such flowers will look attractive in boxes. Decorated with them, even the smallest balcony will brighten the first cool evenings. Here are some ideas on how to arrange balcony boxes.

Wicker boxes with heather

Autumn is undoubtedly associated with heather. These romantic small flowers look best in rustic wicker boxes. It will also be a good idea to plant them in old baskets. Among the showy varieties of heather we can distinguish:

  • Alba Plena,
  • Elsie Purnell,
  • Colette,
  • Larissa,
  • Darkness,
  • Radnor,
  • Allegro.

Heather will look beautiful both in a group and planted singly. We can also juxtapose them with other flowers, for example, hairy blanket, gloteria, oakleaf or ash elder, or with ornamental grasses. Small ornaments in the form of natural-colored raffia wrapped around the box, a few branches with red rosehips and rowan or a bouquet of colorful autumn leaves will add charm to the composition.

Clay box with chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are associated with the November holiday full of reverie, but with their golden colors they will brighten up the autumn balcony. Their tiny flowers, resembling balls of petals or colorful daisies, will present themselves best in massive clay boxes. We can choose among chrysanthemums with white, gold, purple and red petals. Smaller chrysanthemums should be planted in groups or juxtaposed with other plants, for example, with cranberries with decorative leaves. Around the boxes with chrysanthemums we can arrange a composition of apples and orange or yellow pumpkins.

Wooden box with autumn compositions

Although heather and chrysanthemums are the most popular autumn flowers, it is worth paying attention to other plants that are worth planting on the balcony. In a wooden box we can arrange a composition of asters and velvets. Their orange-yellow petals maintain their color until October. In a larger box it is worth combining asters and velvets with ornamental grasses, such as sedge or sedum, which will give the whole composition a casual character. Around the flowers we can arrange nuts and small pumpkins.

Clay box with evergreen plants

Autumn compositions in balcony boxes do not have to be based only on golden flowers. It is also worth opting for several species of evergreen plants. Hairy scythe with a ball habit only grows up to 15 cm high, so it looks good planted in groups. Another plant we can pay attention to is boxwood, which looks good in low boxes. A real decoration of the balcony will also be common ivy.

Wooden box with pumpkins

The balcony in autumn can be decorated not only with flowers, but also with pumpkins. A larger wooden box should be filled with orange, yellow, green and white vegetables. Make the composition more interesting with bouquets of dried leaves, sprigs of rowan and rosehips and a pile of chestnuts.

main photo: pixabay.com/freestocks-photos

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