Is it possible to grow a palm tree on the balcony?

On the balcony
Jalynn Peterson
Is it possible to grow a palm tree on the balcony?
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Growing a palm tree is a dream of many people. This plant is associated with exoticism, and it looks great and adds a lot of charm to our terrace or balcony. 

We can find quite a few plants of this type on sale, and each of them requires slightly different care. However, there are rules that apply to all species, and it is worth following them if we want our tree to look great and grow healthy for a long time. Here’s what you need to know about growing palms on your balcony!

Exotics at your fingertips, or palm trees on the balcony

Palms on the balcony undoubtedly look great. It might seem like the perfect plant just for this place. Plenty of sunshine, a light summer rain and a pleasant breeze. This is exactly the climate in which these impressive plants grow on a daily basis. In summer, in fact, setting the plant on the balcony is not a problem. Classic varieties love the sun, even that in excess. However, it is worth taking care of their proper watering.

Palms on the balcony during the summer

During the period of increased heat, it is enough if you water the palm tree 1-2 times a week. However, they should not stand in water, but only have moist soil. On the other hand, if you decide to clean the leaves of dust and dirt or spray them with a sprayer, always do it in the evening so as not to burn the leaves in the strong sun. Water that suits them is soft, preferably boiled water. When planting, if the palm tree becomes too large, just replace the top layer of soil and replant the rest with the previous substrate. This will make it grow better. 

Do not forget to fertilize. This maintenance procedure should be performed from March to October, when strong growth is recorded. Then add fertilizer even every two weeks in small amounts. If you want it to look great, choose a special fertilizer for palm trees. Buying an all-purpose means that the plant will grow poorly and will not receive adequate nutrients. Because of the different climate and exotic, it needs a different set of vitamins and minerals.

How to take care of palm trees in winter?

In winter, palm trees should find their place at home. The climate in which they are found on a daily basis means that sulfurous frosts or snow can prove deadly for them. They also need to be especially protected in autumn, and putting them out in spring should be done after the first frosts. Watering in winter should be significantly reduced and only ensure that the soil is slightly moist. While fertilization should be abandoned altogether. In winter, the care of the palm tree is limited to watering from time to time, as well as cleaning the leaves. You can also use light baths, which involve putting the palm tree in a tub and sprinkling the leaves with water. Note, the stream must not be too strong, so as not to wash out the soil and flood the palm tree. As for the temperature that should prevail in the place where the palm tree stands, it varies from a minimum of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, depending on the species. So you can successfully keep them on a built-in balcony or in a hallway.

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