Hammock on the balcony? Why not!

On the balcony
Jalynn Peterson
Hammock on the balcony? Why not!
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Hammock is an eternal symbol of relaxation. Usually we associate it with the beach, sand and vacations. However, nothing prevents the hammock to appear on our balcony. Feel like on vacation while working remotely!

Even if your terrace or balcony is characterized by a small area, you can easily measure whether there is a chance for a functional installation of a hanging chair. From this article you will learn everything about hammocks – from a brief history, through the types available on the market, to how to install. Enjoy reading!

A few words about the roots

Have you ever wondered where actually hammocks come from? According to historians, hammocks appeared already 2000 years ago in Central and South America. In this case the mother of invention was not so much the need as the climate

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Airy bed structures made of wood fiber and sisal provided ventilation during hot nights in tropical conditions. Raising the body a few dozen centimeters above the ground helped to protect against the bites of venomous snakes, spiders and other threatening creatures. Hammocks arrived in Europe… on a ship. Together with Christopher Columbus returning from a new land

Types of hammocks

Classic hammock

The most common type. It is a piece of cloth or openwork braid, which is attached with ropes and hooks to two support points. If you want to hang a hammock in the garden, it is enough to have two trees at a distance from each other (about 2 meters). On the balcony you can help yourself with a frame.

American hammock

The so-called hammock with a crossbar. This is an improved version of the classic hammock, in which the side spaces are threaded with additional crossbars, to stabilize the whole. In fact they help to tighten the construction, but this makes it more prone to movement and easy to fall from it.

Mexican hammocks

These are the most primitive hammocks, made of cotton string or rope. They are characterized by their openwork construction and exceptional comfort, as they easily adapt to the body. The problem is when it comes to folding and unfolding the hammocks as the strings can become entangled in knots. They are also very valued as a decorative element of boho style arrangements, especially those decorated with additional strings.

Colombian hammocks

This is definitely the proposal for the fans of strong facts and sweater weaves. Colombian hammocks are made of wide bunting and the surface area of these handmade pieces is exceptionally large – usually accommodating at least 2 people. The highest quality are those originally from Colombia

Brazilian hammocks

Brazilian hammocks are the perfect solution for balconies or even… living rooms and bedrooms. They are hanging, fabric armchairs, suspended from an elongated wooden beam, which in turn is attached to a hook on the ceiling . They are a combination of a hammock, an armchair and a swing, which makes them loved by children. Brazilian hammocks can be placed in different places in the house and garden – you only need to install hooks, and the chair itself can be moved freely.

What kind to choose for the balcony?

If you don’t want to play with drilling holes and setting up a hammock, choose one on a frame – just spread it out on the balcony and enjoy an extra place to sit and relax

A Brazilian hammock is also a popular choice, as it can be easily hung in the bedroom or living room if it gets very wet. It also makes an interesting design addition. It is also worth mentioning the “cocoons” – Armchairs on a frame, usually made of wicker or rattan. They create a closed space filled with cushions, in which you can cut off from the outside world and calm down

How to install a hammock?

Before you take the drill in your hand, carefully check the structural conditions of the balcony. How thick are the walls? Are there any structural elements (such as beams) that you can hook ropes to? What distance separates one wall from another? Mounting a hammock is based on drilling holes and fixing pegs in them. Consider the weight of potential users. The minimum depth of the holes in the concrete should be 10 cm.

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