5 practical tips for effective cleaning

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Jalynn Peterson
5 practical tips for effective cleaning
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A tidy space is a pleasant place to spend time in, so it is important to take care of tidiness at home. However, in order for cleaning to bring the desired results, and the time spent on it was not considered wasted, it is worth to properly start. Here are tips to make your house or apartment cleaning effective.

Plan the cleaning

If you know that you are going to have a thorough cleaning, try to plan it for a day when you do not have too many other activities. Doing a quick clean while doing other things will not be very effective. You can either clean your home on one particular day, or you can spend some time each day doing it. Cleaning every day will ensure that your house or apartment is always clean.

It is a good idea to make yourself a plan for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. The former are those activities that are best done every day. So it will be washing the dishes, cleaning the stove or wiping the countertops. The weekly plan is laundry, ironing, vacuuming and mopping the floors or cleaning the bathroom. The monthly plan is the most demanding chores, so washing windows, the refrigerator or washing carpets.

Clean from top to bottom

When cleaning your home, it’s a good idea to remember to start cleaning at a high level and only then move on to lower levels. This is the most efficient way to do it, so you don’t have to touch things up.

Start by wiping down the dust on the highest shelves, as it will fall on the lower ones. Next, vacuum the floor and then mop it. A good mop for this will be a proper flat mop to get rid of the dirt.

The same principle also applies to cleaning the floors. Start with the top floor and work your way down so the dirt doesn’t travel to the lower levels. In a single-story house or apartment, it’s a good idea to start cleaning from the dirtiest room.

The “15 minute rule”

Most daily messes can be removed in a few minutes. Set aside a quarter of an hour each evening to do a few things, such as putting away any items that are out of place, washing dishes or wet wiping down countertops. It’s also important to wipe up stains as soon as they appear. When something spills, it’s best to wipe it up right away with a cloth and paper towel. As long as the stain is fresh, it will take literally seconds to remove it, but after a longer period of time, it can be difficult to clean the surface.

It’s also important to put everything back in its proper place right away. It’s the leaving things “just anywhere” that leads to clutter. Spilled toys or clothes on a chair should be put back in the right place before bedtime. Waking up in an orderly space is definitely more pleasant.

Take care of the division of responsibilities

Cleaning a house or an apartment takes time and can be quite a burden for one person. That’s why it’s a good idea to divide the chores among all the members of your household. It’s best to create a list that will tell you exactly who does what each day or week.

Regularity is the key to success

Creating a plan and dividing the duties are not enough if everyone does not follow them. Therefore, it is very important that each member of the household remembers his or her duties and performs them conscientiously. Regular cleaning allows you to maintain order and tidiness in any space, without tiring yourself once every, for example, three months.

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