Advantages of living in the suburbs

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Advantages of living in the suburbs
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Living in the suburbs is very popular. More and more people are escaping the bustling city for peace and quiet. Living in the countryside is less comfortable than living in the suburbs. Why is living in the suburbs so popular?

Advantages of living in the suburbs

Peace and quiet

The biggest advantage for many people living in the suburbs is a quiet neighborhood, away from noisy neighbors or busy streets. Peace and quiet result in a high level of psychological comfort. Especially if the house is located far from the main road. Very often in the suburbs houses are adjacent to forests, so in the morning you can hear birds singing and the rustle of leaves on the trees.

Lots of recreational areas

Until recently, the disadvantage of living in the suburbs was the lack of recreational areas. Today, this has changed. In the suburbs of large cities there are large recreational areas with trails for cycling or Nordic walking. It is much easier to relax in such an area than in a crowded city park. Green surroundings are not only beautiful, but also healthy (there are not as many exhaust fumes as in a city park). Living in the suburbs is great for families with children.

An ideal place to raise children

Living in the suburbs is an ideal place to bring up children in contact with nature and teach them to take care of the planet. Children should be instilled with ecological solutions from a young age, thanks to which you can save the Earth.

The proximity of recreational areas encourages outdoor play, which positively affects their physical and mental development. For many parents a house with a garden is an impulse to have a pet (a dog or a cat), which positively influences the child’s development.

Your own piece of greenery

Nowadays it is increasingly popular to have your own garden, as more and more people want to grow organic vegetables and fruits. Having your own piece of land has become a very high value, especially during the lockdown caused by the pandemic. A garden is also a great place to socialize and build your own playground for children.

Attractive price

Many people choose to buy a house in the suburbs because of the attractive price. For the price of a house with a garden in the suburbs, you can buy a small apartment in the city center. Many people worry about the difficulty of getting to school or work, but these fears are unfounded. Very often the suburbs are well connected to the city center and usually the commute to work takes much less time than travelling through the city center.

Good neighbors

A very big advantage of living in the suburbs are the close contacts with neighbors. People very often help each other and no one is anonymous. In blocks of flats neighbors are rather anonymous, there is no mutual relations between them – they are strangers.

Is it worth to live in a house in the suburbs?

If you want to have your own piece of greenery and be close to nature, a house in the suburbs is an ideal solution. The outskirts of the city are very often well connected to the center, so for health reasons it is worth living there.

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