Laying a lawn from a roller step by step

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Laying a lawn from a roller step by step
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Do you dream of having healthy looking and lush grass in your garden? Are you wondering how to create a beautiful lawn and how to get started? If so, take a look at our step-by-step guide and find out how to create a lawn.

The best time to plant a lawn – when?

Before you decide to lay a lawn, you should find out whether this is the right time to do it. The best time to lay a lawn is during the spring season in April and May. The fall season, which is August and September, is also perfect

Why exactly this period? This is the time of year when the soil is well watered and, moreover, there is very little risk of frost. This is the best time of year for the grass to root well and for the turf to hydrate properly. It is good to know that other summer months can be very hot, making it necessary to water the lawn frequently.

How do I prepare the ground for a lawn?

It may seem that preparing the soil for a lawn is not difficult at all. However, many people neglect this stage of planting, so that weeds become a problem during the season and the laid green carpet is not even. So, it is necessary to thoroughly dig up the soil in the yard and remove all stones and weeds.

In addition, it is worth noting that grass takes and develops best in dry and humus soil. So before you proceed to spread it, check what kind of soil is in your yard. If it’s too light and sandy, it’s a good idea to add compost to it, which you can easily buy at a garden store. If, on the other hand, it is clayey, it is best to add sand.

How to choose the best lawn seed?

You want to establish a lawn in your yard, but you are wondering what kind of grass to choose? Once it is established, you want to enjoy a result that will be visible even after many years? Then opt for compacted sports grass or compacted all-purpose grass

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It is worth paying attention to the quality of the seed from which the lawn to be laid is created, because this will affect its durability and development. In this case, it is better not to save, because too cheap a product can turn out to be perishable and sickly, making it necessary to replace it the next season. Decide on a lawn that comes from reliable suppliers, where you can easily find out what the grass was sown from.

How to properly lay out a carpet of grass?

Are you wondering how to lay a green carpet of grass? If the ground is well prepared for it, it is not a difficult task. Roll out the individual rolls slowly, taking care to ensure evenness. All the pieces of grass should stick together so that there is no problem with weeds.

In addition, you can buy special equipment for laying the lawn so that the carpet of natural grass is laid straight and adheres perfectly to the soil. This task should not be demanding and difficult. Usually, you do not need the help of specialists, and it should take no more than a few hours to spread the whole thing.

Taking care of a young lawn – what should you not forget?

Once the lawn is laid, you can’t forget to look after it properly. After all, you want it to look great and last for many years. If you do, water it often and mow it so that the blades of grass develop quickly and grow properly. Additionally, you may find it useful to fertilize it to keep the plant healthy and lush. This will also make it more resilient to adverse outdoor and weather conditions.

It turns out that laying a lawn is not just about putting a roll of grass on the ground. It is also about careful preparation and choosing the right time to work in the garden. By following the above-mentioned rules, you can be sure that your lawn will grow healthy and serve you for many seasons.

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