How to prepare a lawn for summer?

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How to prepare a lawn for summer?
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A lawn should look impeccable in summer. But to do that, you need to take good care of it. After the winter, grass is not in good shape. You need to help it break out again, gain vigor and a beautiful, shiny appearance. You will definitely need not only some simple tips, but also some basic tools. Here’s how to refresh your grass after winter!

A great lawn for summer in a few simple steps

A well-kept lawn in the summer is the dream of every gardener and also homeowner. However, the green, mesh-covered grass is a garden ornament in its own right and needs to be cared for. You need to know how to strengthen the lawn after a period of frost and how to protect it during hot weather and scorching sun. There are several steps you need to take in order to do this. First of all, buy some basic tools which will make it easier for you to take care of your garden. You should start caring for your lawn in early spring when the frost has almost completely melted away and only a few clumps of snow remain. It is then a good idea to spread the snow evenly over the lawn so that it does not become too wet in one place. Wait a few days until the snow has completely melted and soaked into the soil. 

At this point, you should get down to proper garden maintenance. First of all, set about nourishing your plants after the exhausting winter. The best food for them is fertilizer. A good choice is, of course, the natural, organic one, which will have a great effect on both the appearance and the condition of the lawn. Use the liquid version, which takes up better, absorbs faster and allows you to spray evenly into every nook and cranny. To restore your soil’s pH, use ammonia fertilizers, which will add strength to your soil, plus give it the right dose of essential elements it needs to function properly. Then it will no longer be sticky. Then you can start raking. Thoroughly clean the surface of the lawn of leaves, dried out plants and debris, as well as any garbage which may have appeared on the lawn despite your care and been covered by snow. To prevent them from rotting and allowing the grass to grow, they should be removed immediately. After carefully and meticulously inspecting your lawn, fill in the places where peat is missing. This will help you avoid bare spots and keep your lawn complete. Remember to sow new grass seed in the bald spots and nurture them to grow up by summer. You can additionally fence them so that no one enters the area. Remember not to water the lawn on hot days. It is advisable to wait for cloudy weather or do it after sunset. Wet areas combined with the scorching sun will only make the vegetation worse. They may even burn some parts of the lawn. 

A green area prepared in this way should be watered regularly and a little fertilizer added, especially to newly growing shoots. Once the grass has grown back, don’t forget to mow it low enough so that you can move around freely and comfortably enjoy the beauty of a beautiful, well-kept green garden.

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