How to illuminate the garden floor?

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How to illuminate the garden floor?
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Despite appearances, the garden is an integral part of the house. It is an important part of the external arrangement, so its assets should be well exposed. Appropriate location of light sources will help us do that

Illuminated garden will look beautiful not only during the day, but also in the evening. Of course, do not forget about comfort and safety

What places to illuminate the garden?

It is worthwhile to illuminate any part of the hardened surface, which is located within the external area. We are talking here not only about the beautiful floor, which is lined with garden alleys and terrace. The entrance to the house should also be equipped with light sources. The same principle applies to the wicket and entrance stairs

Entrance gate

We recommend illuminating the entrance gate with a single point of light coming from above (if the gate has a canopy). A lamp installed in this way has practical applications: it illuminates the handle, bell and lock well.

Path leading to the front door

Lighting that highlights the floor or paving stones will be perfect here. If you have the possibility, install light sources along the path that fall down on the road. Lights installed on posts will illuminate the path from above. Remember that the shorter the path to your house, the lower the lamps should be. Otherwise the size proportion will be disturbed and the whole will not look so good.

The front door

This is the focal point that should be well lit. Returning in the evening, the householder must have a clearly visible handle and lock. In addition, it will protect us from quickly scratching the front door. At this point, the lamps can be exposed. The light from them should fall on the floor surrounding the front door. Hanging lamps placed symmetrically on both sides of the main door are best here.

Entrance staircase

The type of lighting depends on the height of the stairs. When they are low, hanging lamps surrounding the front door and highlighting the floor should be enough. In case of high and large stairs, it will be great to highlight each step with a separate source of light, e.g., they can be side-mounted fixtures. If you have a brick balustrade, you can place wall lamps in it. In turn, the openwork railing has the advantage that it looks light, it is worth emphasizing its finesse with the help of lamps mounted on posts

Flooring in the garden and on the terrace

You should be able to enjoy your terrace and garden regardless of the time of day, which is why lighting these areas is extremely important . Evening light gives a sense of security and allows you to enjoy the beauty of illuminated plants. The places that are worth illuminating are the terrace and the gazebo. Remember that the paths leading to them should be equipped with light points, which will prevent trampling of plants, beautifully highlight the path and give a sense of space

The covered terrace and gazebo should be illuminated with a single lamp suspended over the table. The gazebo can have single sconces mounted on its side walls. One lamp should be sufficient on the terrace since it will draw light from other points around the house. If you have an uncovered terrace, it is worth placing lights mounted on garden posts around it. They can be permanently fixed to the ground or portable, mounted occasionally

Which fixtures and bulbs for the garden?

For lighting the garden floor is not recommended to use ordinary light bulbs. It is better to install halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. Mercury vapour light sources work just as well. Remember that permanently mounted lamps in the garden must have a high IP rating, or luminaire integrity. For the home garden this factor is a minimum of 44. Moreover, the lamps should have the appropriate type of electrical insulation, belonging to class I or II.

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