Which Hedge Trimmers to Choose?

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Which Hedge Trimmers to Choose?
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Hedge trimmers are an indispensable tool for caring for shrubs in your garden. With the right hedge trimmer you can create interesting hedge shapes. You can find different types of these popular tools in stores. Which type is best? What should you look for when buying one?

An indispensable hedge trimmer for your hedge

Hedge trimmers are essential hedge maintenance tools. Not only do they do a good job of cutting hedges, they also do the job of looking after ornamental shrubs. You can shape them any way you like.

Types of hedge trimmer

Hand-held hedge trimmers

Handheld hedge trimmers are ideal for occasional trimming. They allow you to cut individual twigs and shoots quickly. They can also be used to make precise corrections, e.g. after electric hedge trimmers. These pruners require a lot of force to operate, so they are not suitable for large hedge areas.

There are two basic types of manual hedge trimmers: straight blade and curved blade. Straight-blade hedge trimmers are designed for corrective cutting and for shaping young shoots. These pruning shears must always be well sharpened in order not to damage the delicate young shoots during cutting. Damaged shoots are often the cause of fungal diseases of shrubs.

Hand pruners with corrugated edges are good for corrective cutting of spruce hedges and popular thuyas. They cut more precisely than shears with a straight blade.

Electric hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers are the cheapest and most popular of the mechanical hedge trimmers. They have two main advantages, they are lightweight and easy to use. This device is also relatively quiet. Unfortunately electric shears despite their many obvious advantages also have a disadvantage, the need for an extension cord. When cutting a hedge with electric shears, you have to be very careful not to cut the power cord. Because of the power supply you can’t cut wet hedges with an electric hedge trimmer.

You can find models with different blade lengths in stores. Shorter blades are suitable for smaller twigs. Models with longer blades are suitable for trimming thuyas, for example.

Cordless hedge trimmers

The cordless hedge trimmer is a great alternative to the electric hedge trimmer. This type of hedge trimmer is very fast and efficient. Despite its advantages, the cordless hedge trimmer has two major drawbacks: It’s more expensive than the electric model and it has less power. That’s why hedge trimming won’t go as smoothly.

Petrol hedge trimmers

Due to their high power, petrol hedge trimmers are mainly used by professionals. The built-in internal combustion engine allows for continuous operation. Petrol hedge trimmers also have two main disadvantages: high price and weight; they are heavy. This type of device also generates a lot of noise, which can be a nuisance to neighbors and household members.

Telescopic hedge trimmer

If your shrubs are tall, you might want to choose a telescopic hedge trimmer. The telescopic arm extends to a length of 2.5 metres. This means you can easily trim your hedge without climbing a ladder. Telescopic hedge trimmers are available in manual and battery powered versions. The battery-powered telescopic pruners offer more comfort and precision.

What should I consider when buying a shears for my garden?

When choosing a shears for the garden you should take into account

  • power – the higher it is, the better the shears will cut. This is very important for hedges with thicker branches;
  • blade length : The longer the blade, the more precisely you can cut a larger section of the hedge. A long blade is very helpful for long and dense hedges;
  • blade shape : Hedge trimmers can have one or two sides of the blade. Double sided blade is recommended for dense hedges;
  • bladematerial – shears should be made of good quality material, preferably stainless or carbon steel. It is advisable to clean and maintain the shears regularly. This way they will last longer;
  • weight – the shears should be light and handy. Ideally, they should weigh no more than 4 kg

A well-kept hedge is the pride of any garden. So it’s important to choose the right hedge trimmer for the job

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