Bleaching towels with homemade and eco-friendly methods

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Bleaching towels with homemade and eco-friendly methods
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Light-colored towels easily get dirty and gray, so we need to bleach them often. It turns out that you don’t need chemicals for this. You will see that your fabrics will become snow-white thanks to homemade tricks.

Washing with soda

Regular use of strong chemical agents can badly affect the structure of towels, sensitize and cost way too much. However, we will prove that substances known from the kitchen and pharmacy can also have a use in whitening. The most popular substitute for detergents is soda. It is known for its widespread use in the kitchen, but it will also perfectly replace chemical laundry detergents. Used properly, it fights fungi and softens fabrics. On the Internet, you can also find ways to combine baking soda with vinegar, but this is not the best idea, as these substances work to neutralize each other.

  1. Pour warm water into a bowl or other vessel that will hold your fabrics. Soak your towels in it.
  2. After a few minutes, put them in the washing machine. Add a minimum of half a cup of baking soda. Set your laundry to the highest possible temperature.
  3. Again put your towels in a dish with warm water and rinse them thoroughly. After a while you will notice that they regained their freshness and snow-white color.

Good not only for tea – lemon juice

During a visit to the market you can reach for lemons. Not only are they a very healthy addition to beverages, they will also allow you to carry out ecological whitening. Their juice will give your towels a pleasant fragrance and refresh them. In addition, you can combine it with the soda mentioned in the previous idea. Such a duo will certainly not disappoint you.

  1. Squeeze out half a cup of juice. Mix it in a bowl with a liter of hot water. Then put the fabrics into the resulting concoction for about half an hour.
  2. After that, wash them in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature. When you take them out, the towels will look like new.

Queen of the kitchen in the fight against gray towels – salt

Another substance known from the kitchen, but also useful in bleaching is salt. This natural preservative also has a stain-removing and sanitizing effect, making it a great alternative to chemical laundry detergents.

  1. Pour water into a bowl to completely soak your towels in it. Then add salt in the ratio: 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water. Soak the fabrics in the prepared solution for about an hour.
  2. As in the previous ways, put the towels in the washing machine and set it to high temperature. Thanks to this simple homemade method, the fabrics will be clean as new.

Helpful not only for irritation – peroxide water

The effect of hydrogen peroxide water is invaluable for rinsing the mouth and brightening teeth. It is also recommended for whitening fabrics. It will work best for washing slightly older towels, as it additionally exhibits a mildew-killing effect.

  1. Just pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide water into a medium bowl filled with warm water. The fabric should soak in such a solution, as with the previous methods, for about half an hour.
  2. Finally, it is recommended to wash the towel in the washing machine. After pulling it out, it will be free of fungus and unpleasant odors, and most importantly, it will once again obtain a snow-white color.

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