Choosing pouffes for your balcony – time to relax!

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Jalynn Peterson
Choosing pouffes for your balcony – time to relax!
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A pouffe on the balcony does not take up much space and is a very comfortable solution. You can comfortably sit on it, read a book, and also rest your legs when you sit on a chair. See which pouffes for balcony are comfortable and aesthetic.

Balcony pouffe – which one to choose?

Balcony is an oasis of calm and a piece of outdoor space. That’s why you need to take care of its arrangement, so that after a day of work, relaxing on it was pure pleasure. In addition to traditional benches, modular furniture and tables, it is also worth betting on the balcony poufs.

What to pay attention to when choosing a pouffe for the balcony? First of all:

  • see how much space you have, so you can choose a good size,
  • choose a material which is pleasant to the touch,
  • if your balcony is directly exposed to rain drops, choose a waterproof fabric,
  • match the design to the entire balcony arrangement.

Balcony poufs are available in the market in many shapes and sizes. A contrasting shade such as yellow, purple or blue will stand out. On the other hand, if you have wooden furniture or a black metal bench, you can also opt for a color that provides consistency, such as brown, beige, gray.

Balcony poufs – inspiration

Very popular are the hand-knitted poufs for the balcony. They can perfectly fit into a modern space, as well as more classic.

Larger models can also serve as a seat. This is a good solution if you want to work on the balcony or read a book. The filling is often polystyrene balls, which adjust to the figure.

A pouffe made of crates or wooden planks is another interesting solution. You can add variety to this piece of furniture by using fabric seats, which are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Plastic filling and string is a good combination. You can also make this type of pouffe on your own, e.g from an old tire.

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