What is worth knowing about coffee?

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Jalynn Peterson
What is worth knowing about coffee?
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Strong espresso, delicate latte, aromatic cappuccino… Who of us doesn’t like coffee? However, the market offers many types of coffee and sometimes we may not be sure what to choose. Here is what you need to know about coffee.

Coffee types – the difference between Arabica and Robusta

Arabica, Robusta or mixed? There are several types of coffee but each has a slightly different flavour and aroma. The coffee most appreciated by experts and also loved by coffee drinkers is Arabica. It is characterized by a delicate, slightly acidic flavour and a spicy-chocolate aroma. It is therefore very aromatic but quite mild. It is also worth remembering that Arabica does not contain large amounts of caffeine

Another type of coffee, slightly less popular than Arabica, is Robusta. This coffee is quite intense and even spicy and bitter. It also contains a fair amount of caffeine, which is why it is very often only added to coffee blends. So if you’re not quite sure which coffee you should opt for, this blend will be an excellent choice. Both types of coffee are sure to appeal to you both as beans and as ground coffees.

Coffees from around the world

We can also divide coffees according to their origin – coffee from all over the world has its own aroma and flavor. Colombian coffee is considered to be the best and most popular. It is an intense variety with a delicate chocolate and nutty aftertaste. Brazilian coffee is also very sweet and delicate, with notes of chocolate, flowers and forest fruits

If you prefer more intense and oriental flavours, try Indian coffee. Characterized by a strong aroma and notes of spices and citrus fruits. Coffees from Guatemala, Mexico, Congo, Ecuador, Indonesia and Ethiopia are also popular. So if you want to try different varieties of coffee, a coffee set is a great idea

Types of coffee roasting

In addition to the different varieties and origins, the types of roasting also affect the taste and aroma of coffee. The most delicate roast is, of course, the light roast, which gives the coffee a subtle, refreshing flavour. Next is the medium roast, which gives a sweet and subtle aftertaste. Slightly stronger and more intense in flavor is the medium dark roast. With this type of roast, the sour taste disappears completely. The most intense type is the dark roast, which is characterized by bitterness and a smoky aftertaste.

Coffee preparation methods

It is also worth mentioning that coffee can be prepared in many ways. The most classic form is of course espresso, which is a small (30 ml) very intense coffee. A stronger version of espresso is espresso doppio prepared with a double portion of water

Americano is espresso with a large amount of water, a popular black coffee usually drunk in a larger cup or mug. For fans of milder flavours, however, coffee with milk is best, but again there are many ways to prepare it

A cappuccino is 125 ml of foamed milk and 25 ml of espresso. A latte is a coffee with more milk, not foamed, and a macchiato is an espresso only sprinkled with milk. Also popular is mocha, a latte with chocolate added. If, on the other hand, you prefer coffee with many additions, you will like Viennese-style coffee, romano, Irish-style coffee or café frappe.

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