Positioning – take advantage of this option by running a blog!

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Positioning – take advantage of this option by running a blog!
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SEO in Minneapolis agency says – There is no room for half-measures and compromises in positioning – all activities must be performed with the greatest possible care and commitment. There is a reason why most entrepreneurs decide to cooperate only with selected interactive Search Engine Optimization agencies and this fact should not surprise anyone. Nowadays, which are based primarily on selling goods and services online (e-commerce), there is less and less room for error. Entrepreneurs are facing more and more competition on the market, higher prices associated with advertising activities and a large influx of capital from abroad. Interestingly enough, however, it is possible to fight even with the largest companies online. How? By using positioning.

What is the process of positioning?

Positioning is a process considered on the Internet as definitely the most difficult but also the most effective among all. It consists in improving a chosen website’s position in the Google search engine, using three basic steps. Every website at the very beginning of its presence on the Internet usually appears at the very end in Google’s results – it does not generate any organic traffic and its presence in the search engine is basically unnoticed by the Internet user. Positioning is based on a gradual improvement of its position, until it reaches the top of the first page of SERP listing (Search Engine Results Page).

According to SEO in Minneapolis agency knowledge In order to do this, one must meet all the requirements set by Google’s algorithm, which are strict and precisely defined. The company from Mountain View collects data from every publicly accessible website with the help of crawling robots. They collect all the information about the website, including its speed, saturation with keyword phrases, mobile accessibility or the presence of duplicate content. Best Austin SEO agencies agree – each of these parameters has a huge impact on what results we will achieve.

Positioning for stubborn in three stages

We decided to talk a bit deeper about positioning with the best Austin SEO agencies. The process is divided into a minimum of three stages. Each of them is very important in terms of efficiency and none of them can be omitted. Their high level of complexity also causes considerable difficulties, so proper planning of each step is very important from the point of view of the results.

In the first stage, known in the positioning environment as SEO audit, the whole website and its current state needs to be checked thoroughly and with the utmost precision in terms of positioning. Teams of top specialists must check several hundred individual steps and on the basis of obtained results plan further strategy. Interestingly – Search Engine Optimization audit also allows an entrepreneur to find out the price for the service.

In the second and third stage (on-site and off-site) any changes should be implemented and the plan put into practice, changing many important parameters in terms of the website’s source code. Programmers and teams of copywriters and positioners will successively saturate the whole site with key phrases, remove unnecessary additions, speed up the site, reduce the amount of duplicate content and 3xx and 4xx errors, and will certainly deal with the issue of competition analysis.

How much does positioning cost – settlement models with agencies

If you are wondering how much Search Engine Optimization costs – payment models, you should read the following paragraph. As a rule most of the agencies expect to be paid in the model for the effect of their work. This is the preferred choice among entrepreneurs, but it is not without its drawbacks – the payment is settled for the achieved positions, which may be even several hundred per month. As a result, it may turn out that seemingly large savings evaporate quickly, and an entrepreneur will have to pay an invoice for dozens of key phrases which were well positioned in a given month. The second model of settlement is the subscription. It consists in settling with an SEO agency not on the basis of results, but for a chosen period of activities. This service’s payment method is accepted at SEO in Minneapolis agency for example. Despite seemingly less security and protection, cyclical payment is a much more profitable choice for most entrepreneurs and usually pays for itself quickly. 

Is it possible to run a business online without positioning?

We asked the best Austin SEO agency and a clear answer to this question is not so difficult as impossible. Each site on the network deals with something completely different. For one, online business is just an add-on, while other sites generate most of their income just in the e-commerce industry. If you belong to the latter group, it is necessary to decide on the positioning. Low popularity of a website usually means very low profits, which in many cases are not able to cover the small costs of doing business. Running a company without positioning on the web is profitable only if the website is informative and we do not want to achieve any income from it. 

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  • Peter Levis 10.08.2022

    In my opinion, it is not possible to run a business online without positioning. I mean – you can run your business, but you will not have satisfactory results. Nowadays, it is important to be visible online. You cannot achieve it without SEO, about which you can read in the article: https://sxo.pl/seo/. Positioning will help you reach your customers. In fact, investing in SEO is a real chance for your business. From my own experience, I can say that it was the best decision for my company. No other action would have allowed me to achieve such results.

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