Is it okay to give leftover food to a dog?

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Is it okay to give leftover food to a dog?
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More than once you’ve probably heard the statement: why throw away food when you can give your dog leftovers. Why shouldn’t you give your dog human food? What should you give him to eat?

Why does table scraps taste so good to your dog?

Leftover food tastes good to your dog because it is highly seasoned. Salt and sugar are addictive – it is estimated that a dog becomes addicted to human food 10 times faster than a human becomes addicted to sugar. If he is given leftovers often, he will quickly become addicted to them and no longer want to eat his food. They are greedy animals by nature, if they like something they are able to eat a lot of it, even unhealthy food.

What are the health consequences of eating leftovers for your dog?

There are ingredients in human food that can harm your dog. These include salt and sugar. Both substances are found in almost every food item. Salt harms your dog’s kidneys. Sugar consumption by dogs can lead to overweight and serious fungal lesions in the digestive system. It causes dysregulation of the pancreas, which can lead to diabetes.

Another negative effect of human food consumption by dogs is that they will become picky eaters and constantly demand human food that they should not be eating.

What to give your dog instead of leftovers?

If you don’t want to give your dog ready-made food, then you can cook it yourself. However, when cooking, you must make sure that it is a fully balanced meal. The food for your dog should contain lean meat, carbohydrates (rice or yams, you can also buy pasta for your dog in pet stores) and vitamins (vegetables). You can also add a little vegetable oil to the food, which helps the absorption of some vitamins.

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