How do you stroke a cat to make it happy?

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How do you stroke a cat to make it happy?
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How to stroke a cat to make it happy?

The cat’s nature is very complex. On the one hand, these animals are individualists, on the other hand, they also like petting and stroking. How can you stroke your cat to give it the most pleasure?

Where do cats like to be stroked?

Most cats are petting animals and love to be stroked. This is due to the large number of receptors under the skin. Stroking makes the cat feel happy and the pet feels loved.

Every cat is different and may expect different petting. Some cats do not like to be stroked or only want to be stroked when they feel like it. One kitten will prefer to be stroked between the ears, while another will prefer to be stroked on the back. Although every cat is different, there are certain areas where every cat wants to be stroked. The most common are:

  • muzzle,
  • head,
  • between the ears,
  • cheeks,
  • back,
  • base of the tail.

It is worth to feel your pet, in which places he likes to be stroked, and then he will return the purring.

Where is it better not to stroke a cat?

When stroking your cat, you should observe its reaction. If your cat tense up and starts to wag its tail, it means that it should not be stroked in those places. The places where a cat allows itself to be stroked depend only on its relationship with its handler. When a cat does not trust its human, it will not allow itself to be stroked.

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