Surfinias – care and watering for beginners

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Surfinias – care and watering for beginners
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Surfinias are plants, which, properly cared for, are able to bloom not only long, but also abundantly, from May until October.

Surfinias – why should you choose them?

When looking for the right plants for your balcony, surfinias have pendulous stems. That’s why they’re perfect for hanging pots – they can create really lush and colourful cascades.

In addition, surfinia seedlings can grow really fast. The stems first spread out to the sides and then start to hang down. They can reach a length of several tens of centimeters up to a meter.

The stems and leaves are not only roughly hairy, but also very sticky . Surfinias have funnel-shaped flowers that are usually single and grow between the leaves on short stalks.

How to grow and care for surfinias?

Surfinias are really delicate. In case of heavy downpours, they can be severely affected.

In Poland and surroundings that have a similar climate, these plants are considered annuals. They can be put outside as early as 15 May, just after the spring frosts have passed. To choose the right pot location, it is worth paying attention to their preferred position. Surfinias prefer full sun, but can also bloom in partial shade

The color of their flowers depends on the specific variety. They can be

  • purple,
  • pink,
  • white,
  • yellow,
  • red,
  • multicolored

When looking for the best substrate for surfinia, it’s worth to choose such, which is acidic and permeable, with pH 5-5,5. The pots should be mainly deep. Additionally, it’s good if we pour drainage on their bottom, e.g. expanded clay

The basic condition of surfinia’s excellent condition, good functioning and growth is their proper and constant watering. These plants like humidity very much, so in case of strong heat they should be watered in the morning and evening . Experts also recommend that you fertilise them very frequently, for example with a compound fertiliser for flowering balcony plants

What conditions should I choose for my surfinia?

The balcony surfinia is a plant that was bred by Japanese scientists. Already about twenty years ago it came to our balconies and immediately enjoyed great popularity

These flowers love plenty of light, look forward to hot days and prefer to avoid the shade. In addition to the abundant watering we mentioned earlier, it is necessary to remove the blooms. During cooler weather, give them water at least every few days

Surfinia – resistant to various conditions

Many experts consider surfinias to be one of the most resistant species to various conditions. However, it is important to feed the plant with mineral fertilizers in order to keep it in good condition. Substances of this kind should be added to water and watered with it throughout the growing season, until the first frosts appear.

An important element is that the fertilization of plants should be continued even in rainy weather. The basis of care remains the removal of its blooms – so that the plant is able to bloom much more abundantly. Proper care helps to reduce the risk of fungal diseases in surfinias

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