Summer wildflower bouquets

In the garden
Jalynn Peterson
Summer wildflower bouquets
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Spring and summer is the time when meadows enchant us with their beauty. Flowers from the field can in an extraordinary way give freshness to our interior. Check how to compose a summer bouquet.

Summer in a vase

Summer is a perfect occasion to put bouquets straight from the meadow or our garden in vases. They will introduce to our home beautiful colors and joyful smells, thanks to which the interior will gain a unique mood. If you have a garden, cut fresh flowers as soon as they start to bloom. If you don’t have a garden with flowers, you can buy them at the market or in a florist shop.


You can opt for a mix of all colors together or choose one dominant color for your bouquet. Don’t limit yourself, be imaginative – summer is the best time for colorful madness. Find inspiration for summer bouquets below.

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