Gardening for beginners – useful tips

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Jalynn Peterson
Gardening for beginners – useful tips
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A beautiful garden is the dream of every owner of space around the house. Greenery primarily calms and gives the environment an elegant character.

Sometimes lack of funds and a busy schedule limit the fulfillment of our dreams of a perfect garden. Do you want to know how to keep your garden in good condition with little effort? Read this article!

Tips for gardeners

First of all you need to answer a very important question. What function should the garden serve? Should it be a place for your children to play, a vegetable garden or a flowery area? Unfortunately, you can’t accomplish all of these tasks in one place.

Creating a flower garden or orchard is an extremely time-consuming activity. Be patient and think carefully about your design plan. The first season will unfortunately not be a fertile one for your plants.

If you are not a keen gardener and all you want is a beautiful view from your house window, you can trust a designer to do the job. A professional landscape architect will surely take care of the smallest corner in your yard. On the other hand, if gardening has become your hobby, you can do everything yourself without any additional help. Remember that if you face difficulties, you can always ask your neighbor for support.

Climatic conditions

Before you decide to buy expensive plants, look for information about the climate in which they can grow. One country can even be divided into many climate zones. You will certainly find knowledgeable people in garden stores who can give you information about the conditions the plants need

Climate, relief, water and soil determine whether a species has the ability to grow and develop. The climate is the reason why Poland is not dotted with orange or banana plantations.

It is very important to prepare the soil properly before growing plants. We want the plants to be healthy, grow fast and be resistant to all diseases. Remember to fertilize regularly and analyze the soil for pH and nutrients.

Professionals in gardening stores will certainly be able to give you advice on how to improve soil quality and strengthen its structure. Try to avoid artificial fertilization as it is destructive to the natural organisms living in the soil. This is a short-term method that will not have the desired effect.

When arranging a flower area, it is essential to pay attention to species whose flowering time overlaps. This will allow you to enjoy the eye longer and decorate your home throughout the year. Juxtapose matching colors, preferably those that are one shade apart on your color palette. Remember to design your garden so that higher growing plants do not overshadow lower species.

When creating a garden or floral entourage, be sure to stock up on quality species. In grocery stores you will find plants that are usually on special offer during the season. However, you won’t achieve a phenomenal effect at such a low cost. The same goes for tools – those needed for soil and plant care should be made from high quality materials to last for several seasons. Follow the “less is more” principle. Choose the most essential items that will perform multiple functions at once.

Plant care tools

Note that you don’t have to buy new tools of every kind to keep your garden in great condition. If your neighbor has a lawnmower, go ahead and ask him for help! And when you acquire a cultivator, offer the tools in return.

Have you seen an interesting plant species at a friend’s house? Ask if you can take some bulbs or cuttings. It’s possible that gardening experts are not only in the gardening stores but also behind your fence! Tools you should stock up on or will need over time include: loppers, garden hoses and sprinkler, rakes, a lawn mower, and a spade for digging. these things are worth having your own, as you will use them often.

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