Garden Pots – Material Overview

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Garden Pots – Material Overview
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Spring is a time of great changes in the garden. To make it more colorful it is worth planting colorful flowers in pots. What should be kept in mind when choosing the garden pots? Which material is best?

What should be kept in mind when choosing a flowerpot?

When choosing a flowerpot for your garden you should pay attention to its size and the requirements of the plants which will be planted in it, some plants need a larger pot for proper growth while others need a tight one. When choosing a pot size, consider the preferences of the garden users and the eventual storage of the garden pots after the season. Some plants cannot tolerate frosts, while others can be overwintered outside

Carrying heavy garden pots can be very cumbersome, if the plants are to be overwintered indoors then choose light pots e.g.: made of technorattan.

Overview of potting materials

In stores you can find plant pots made of various materials. It’s a good idea to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials before you buy.

Wooden plant pots

Wooden plant pots are versatile – they fit in with any style of garden. They come in different sizes and colors. Unfortunately, wooden plant pots require regular impregnation and protection on the inside. This is why they should be covered with plastic foil which will protect the wood from excess moisture from the soil. The main disadvantage of wooden planters is their high price.

Plastic garden planters

The main advantage of these garden pots is their price and wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes. Another advantage of plastic planters is that they are lightweight, so you can easily move them from place to place. Unfortunately, despite their many advantages, plastic pots fade quickly when exposed to sunlight and their surface can be scratched very quickly. The cheapest plastic flower pots are not very resistant to negative temperatures (they crumble) and therefore are not suitable for placing on a balcony or terrace.

Pots of high quality plastic will elegantly decorate the garden space and will serve for several seasons of use. Unfortunately, with higher quality comes higher price.

Concrete planters for the garden

Concrete plant pots are very stable and solid and resistant to changing weather conditions. Therefore, it is worth planting plants in them, which will not be moved to the house for the winter. Concrete pots are very easy to keep clean and resistant to mechanical damage. They are most often used to decorate public buildings, although they look interesting on a private property.

Ceramic flower pots

The ceramic flower pots are a popular solution because of their low price and wide choice of colors and shapes. These pots are weather resistant, so you can grow plants in them that overwinter outside. Unfortunately, ceramic pots have one big disadvantage; fragility, so they should be placed away from garden paths to avoid accidental damage.

Metal garden pots

Metal garden pots are the least popular of all, but are gaining a growing following. The most popular are heavy metal pots with thick bottoms, which are resistant to weather conditions. The metal pot should be regularly maintained.

Technorattan plant pot

Technorattan garden pots are gaining more and more followers due to their natural look, light weight and resistance to sunlight. Technorattan looks natural, which is why it goes well with almost any style of garden. An additional advantage of the material is its durability, although it is advisable to protect such pots before the winter season.

How to choose a flowerpot for the garden?

The size of the garden determines the number and material of the garden pots. In small gardens pots made of light materials such as plastic or technorattan are ideal. They will optically enlarge the garden but pots of small size should be chosen so as not to clutter the small garden. In large gardens you can choose from pots of any size but it is advisable to follow the style of the garden.

In modern style gardens ceramic and concrete pots with simple forms and muted colors look best. Pots in white or anthracite colorare most popular lately.

For country and romantic gardens it’s best to choose pots that will blend in with the surroundings. The best choice are pots that blend with the greenery of the garden, e.g.: wooden and technorattan pots.

In gardens inspired by English style the best choice are concrete or stone flower pots. The massive look of the pots will emphasize the geometric greenery of the garden.

Pots with automatic watering system – a modern solution

Pots with automatic watering systems have been available in stores for several years. Unfortunately the price of these pots is high, but they are a great solution for plants that require a constantly moist substrate. By filling a container with water every few days this type of pots is a great option for forgetful and busy people who want to have beautiful plants in the garden.

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