How to shield the terrace from wind and sun?

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How to shield the terrace from wind and sun?
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The terrace is a place to relax, especially on warm days. How to cover a terrace so that you can relax there regardless of weather conditions?

What can be used to cover a terrace?

It is best to plan theroofing of the terrace and the side protection when designing the house. There are many solutions available to shield your patio from the wind and sun. You can choose between:

  • fabric awnings;
  • constructions – wooden, metal, PVC;
  • roller blinds,
  • vegetation,
  • screens.

Upper terrace cover

Garden umbrella

The simplest and most popular solution is to place a large garden umbrella on the terrace. It will provide great protection from the sun’s rays. Large umbrellas with wheels will be the best for the terrace, as they will enable to change their place and protect even against the strongest wind. The largest models have a span of up to 5 m.

Garden umbrellas are mainly made of high quality plastics, which are additionally coated with acrylic, PVC or polyurethane. This prevents the umbrella from fading under the influence of UV rays.

Wall awnings

Wall awnings have become a very popular solution that guarantees comfort of use. Ready-made awnings in various sizes are available. Awning arms are made of reinforced aluminium and their canopy of high quality material additionally protected with acrylic, PVC or polyurethane. Thanks to that they are resistant to UV rays. The awnings can be rolled automatically (using a button or a remote control) or manually (using a string system like in roller blinds). Many models are equipped with cassettes in which the rolled up awning is hidden (thanks to this it will serve for at least several seasons).

Canopy made of fabric stretched on poles

Very fashionable lately have become fabrics stretched on poles, which resemble the shape of a sail. This material is additionally protected with acrylic, PVC or polyurethane.

The louvre canopy

The louvre roof is made of movable slats (made of aluminum or polycarbonate) fixed to the construction frames (made of aluminum). The position of the slats can be adjusted with a remote control.

Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels attached to a wooden or aluminium construction are used as a roofing for the terrace. This is a great solution for protection against rain, but it does not provide protection against UV rays.

Side screen

For side protection, the most common solution is to use prefabricated wooden panels or pergolas that are fastened on wooden anchors.

Corten steel panels

A very interesting and durable solution, which will last a long time if regularly maintained. This solution works well in modern houses.

Stainless steel panels

Stainless steel panels with cut-out patterns harmonize perfectly with modern architecture. They are made to order, in one of the RAL colors.

Side awnings

Side awnings are made of aluminum or steel construction and material. They are fixed to the building wall and stretched like a screen.

Screening mats

Screening mats made of wicker or bamboo are a great solution for those who appreciate natural solutions.

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