How to shop without trash? A beginner’s guide

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Jalynn Peterson
How to shop without trash? A beginner’s guide
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Our planet needs informed choices and reason. We are the ones who have a real influence on its future. That is why it is so important that we try to live according to the less waste or zero waste philosophy. What are we really talking about? Let’s start with shopping. How to buy necessary products without waste? Here are some practical tips for beginners

Your own shopping bag

The first, basic element, which will not only reduce the amount of plastic produced due to resignation from plastic bags, but also ensures generation of savings. Currently, the cost of one plastic bag is about several dozen cents. On average, one shopping trip forces us to buy about 4 such bags

In a situation when we go shopping twice a week, taking our own bags, we are able to save about 200 PLN a year. The purchase of cotton, jute or other bags is not demanding. However, it is usually possible to get such bags for free, for example, while shopping online or while participating in various fairs, courses or trainings. If you ever get an opportunity where it is possible to grab a cotton bag completely for free, never pass up

Nets for fruit, vegetables and bread

In addition to paid commercials, many Poles still choose to use a huge number of so-called rip-offs. It is to them that fruits, vegetables and bread go, while most of these products we are able to buy without wasting plastic. One alternative, when buying vegetables such as carrots or parsley, for example, is to use rubber bands. We know that it can be difficult to buy a few or a dozen carrots without a plastic bag. That’s why it’s a good idea to tie them together with a prescription rubber band to ensure good organization while shopping

Besides, we can buy many products without a plastic bag. After all, in the case of fruit such as pomelos, mini watermelons or bananas, we won’t be eating the peels anyway. In the event that we have to pack products, reusable cloth bags will prove to be a good solution. These days, they come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be able to use them in the fruit and vegetable and bakery departments

Look around

The consumerist lifestyle all too often leads to a situation where many people buy just to buy. When this happens, food is notoriously wasted. Going out shopping should be done with a list. Before going to the store, be sure to check what is really missing from your fridge? By doing so, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste you produce, plus you’ll reduce the amount of food you waste

Your own coffee mug and water bottle

When you’ve been shopping for hours, you often have to take a coffee break. When this happens, we usually opt for coffee from a nearby coffee shop or vending machine, where the drink is served in disposable cups. Having your own thermal mug is an ideal solution, which will allow for a significant reduction of waste that we produce while shopping. Apart from this, a water filter bottle will become an essential gadget. The amount of plastic bottles we use every day remains huge. Therefore, using a reusable bottle that allows you to have constant access to drinking water is the ideal solution

No confirmation

Paying with a card at the store? If you don’t need a receipt, be sure to let the cashier know. It would seem that a single, small piece of scrap paper won’t change anything. But the reality is that billions of customers shop using cashless payment options every day. Most of them can control their spending from a mobile app, so a paper receipt remains unnecessary

Junk-free shopping is another challenge worth taking on. Have fun and take care of the planet. Every step, even the smallest one, towards its protection is a milestone for our world.

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