How to arrange the windows in the apartment?

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How to arrange the windows in the apartment?
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Windows are a very important element of your home design – after all, they are the source of natural light in the room. That is why you should pay special attention to the window decorations and accessories because thanks to them your interior will become cozy and impressive. We suggest how you can arrange the windows in your apartment.

Curtains – what curtains to choose?

The most popular window decoration are certainly curtains. They are not only extremely aesthetic and impressive, but also very functional. In addition, the huge variety of curtains available on the market allows you to match them to any interior – they will work both in the minimalist and modern, as well as in the more elegant and classic ones

But how to choose curtains for the apartment? For the living room will certainly be a good solution classic curtains made of a slightly thicker material. In this case you can go a little crazy and decide on interesting patterns and colors, thanks to which your room will liven up a bit.

If you’re looking for blackout curtains for your bedroom, we have blackout roller blinds that will give you a comfortable rest at any time of day. If you’re looking for curtains for your kitchen, it’s best to choose ones made of a slightly softer material, as well as classic curtains. It is also worth remembering that a huge advantage of curtains is the ease of keeping them clean. You can take them down many times and wash them in the washing machine without any problem

Blinds to the apartment

Another way to arrange the windows are roller blinds. Here, too, you have very many possibilities and, moreover, it is a very functional solution.

If you care first of all about aesthetics, you will certainly like Roman blinds. They are sewn from high quality decorative materials, therefore they are the best alternative to curtains. This type of roller blinds can be installed in any room, and after sliding them down they will create a decorative accordion, being a spectacular window decoration in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms.

Day/night blinds are also a good solution, especially in the bedroom. They have a special mechanism that allows you to freely adjust the amount of light entering the interior by using strips to cover or uncover a specific part of the window. Thus it is an exceptionally practical solution

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Window sill decoration

The windowsills are also an inseparable element of the windows in the apartment, so it is worth remembering about them during the arrangement. But how to decorate the windowsill? The best in this role will be potted flowers, which will enliven the interior and will be its wonderful decoration

If you have eastern windows, such plants as fiddleheads, anthuriums, dracaena, hoja or monstera will be perfect on a windowsill. On a west-facing windowsill, alpine and African violets, azaleas, orchids, cyclamen or begonias are worth placing. As far as the northern window is concerned, ferns and ivies will find a good place on such a windowsill. However, avoid placing plants on a southern windowsill as it is usually too sunny.

On the windowsill, apart from flowers and plants, it is worth placing other decorations such as candles, nicely framed photos and decorative figurines, which will emphasize the character of your interior. If your windowsill is wide enough, you can also put some cushions on it, and you will gain an extra place to sit.

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