How to paint a wooden gazebo?

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How to paint a wooden gazebo?
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A gazebo is one of the elements of small garden architecture. What can be used to paint it? What should be kept in mind before painting?

How to paint a wooden gazebo?

One of the most popular ways to paint the gazebo is impregnation, which can be purchased in clear or colored version. Impregnation not only protects the wood, but also gives it a new color. Painting with impregnation provides protection for the wood for over five years. Impregnation is a cheap and fast way to protect the wood.

The wooden gazebo can also be impregnated with oil for wood, which protects against changing weather conditions and dirt. Oiling is a great way to protect your gazebo floor. Oil should be applied once or twice a year to the wood with a cloth or roller.

The last way to paint your gazebo is with wood varnish, which not only protects the wood from changing weather conditions, but also from accidental damage. Painting with varnish protects the gazebo for several years. The old coat should be removed before the next painting.

The choice of preparation and the aesthetics of the garden

When choosing a product for painting a wooden gazebo, consider the effect you want to achieve. Clear products are ideal for highlighting the beauty of natural wood. A natural effect can be achieved by oiling the wood, which should be done twice a year. Oiling is a great way to enhance the beauty of the wood.

Arbour painting and wood species

Before painting, check what species of wood the gazebo is made of. A pine tree will look different than an oak gazebo painted with the same product. Therefore, before starting work, paint a small part of the gazebo in an invisible place.

What should be remembered before painting?

There are several rules to remember before you start painting:

  • the wood of the gazebo must be dry;
  • painted elements must first be sanded, e.g. with sandpaper;
  • the surface to be painted has to be clean;
  • when painting, follow the recommendations of the product’s manufacturer.

Step by step when painting a gazebo

Before starting work, gather all necessary tools, i.e. rollers and brushes, sandpaper, cotton cloth, a stick for apartments and a product for painting wood.

In the next step, you need to clean the gazebo from all the dirt. If there is an old coat of paint on the building, use a sander or sandpaper to remove it. Then the gazebo should be dusted off and the space around it should be protected.

The next step is to impregnate the wood with a primer that should be adjusted to the surface to be primed. After it dries, the surface should be rubbed with sandpaper and the substrate should be dusted off. In the last step, apply the wood paint product using a brush or a roller.

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