Which garden gloves should I choose?

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Which garden gloves should I choose?
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Garden gloves are an essential accessory that should be in every gardener’s equipment. Whether you’re trimming shrubs or weeding beds, you should protect your hands.

There are many types of gardening gloves available on the market. They differ in material, fit to the hand, and application. Remember to adjust each type to your hand size – only then will they be comfortable and properly protect your hands. In this article we present all types of gardening gloves – choose the one that works best for you!

Earth-moving gloves

Gloves for work in the ground, such as digging and weeding, must not only be abrasion-resistant but also provide maximum comfort and a smooth fingertip grip

They must ensure precision of movement, so it is worth checking the fit before buying – they should not be too large. The inner side of such gloves should be reinforced with polyurethane or vinyl. Due to the high risk of contamination, choose black gloves. Even if you can’t wash them, it won’t show!

Gloves for working with tools

For use with tools such as axes, rakes, and shovels – in general, heavy-duty work that can leave you with fingerprints without gloves. Tool gloves should protect the inside of the hand, so it is best to choose rubber-coated or even full leather gloves

Most importantly, they should cushion the hand while allowing the skin to breathe, so the upper part should be made of breathable material. Gloves for working with tools should also have a good grip.

Gloves for pruning thorny plants

With the right gloves, you don’t have to worry about cutting roses and other thorny plants. Their main feature is that they have high cuffs that allow you to protect your wrists and forearms up to elbow height in addition to your hands. This way, you don’t have to worry about scrapes and wounds.

They are made of thick materials resistant to mechanical damage – often made of artificial leather. Although they are relatively expensive, they can be used even a few years without damage! Inside they are covered with soft material for the comfort of your hands.

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Gloves for light garden chores

These gloves are ideal not only for gardening but also for balcony, terrace and potted plants. Choose gloves with reinforced fibers that can withstand not only moisture in the garden but also frequent washing. This is also the kind of glove where you can go a bit wild with the aesthetics – there are gloves for light garden work available in different colors as well as in geometric and floral patterns. Choose from a variety of colors!

Gloves for children

Children, especially those over 2 years old, are beginning to explore the world intensively. They help with kitchen and garden work and need protection there too. If your child or grandchild is burning to help with flowers and shrubs, buy them gloves that fit their small hands.

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