Garden care in spring – step by step

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Garden care in spring – step by step
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Early spring is the right time to take care of your garden. What work needs to be done at this time?

Spring cleaning

The first step in spring garden maintenance is tidying up, i.e. clearing away garbage from the whole area, e.g. removing damaged garden furniture. It is worth raking up leaves which have been brought into our garden by the wind. During spring cleaning you should get rid of plant remains, branches, sticks and other debris.

Lawn and flowerbed care

Once the snow has melted and the temperature stays above 0 degrees Celsius for at least a few days, it’s time to start tidying up the lawn and flower beds.

You can improve the structure of the soil in the beds by digging up and loosening. Start by raking the lawn to remove dry grass, leaves and branches. You can give the grass a boost by raking it. You can also stimulate the lawn by mowing very low.


Conifers planted in previous years should be pruned in spring. Spring is also the right time for pruning fruit trees and shrubs which bloom in summer and autumn. Those that bloom in the spring should be pruned only after flowering. Spring pruning aims to remove old, diseased and damaged branches. This will improve the shape of the crown of the tree and stimulate it to thicken the branches and increase flowering.

Shrubs during pruning should be shortened by ¾ of the length, so you can increase the number of flowers on the shoots. In spring, it is worth to cut, among others, quince, kalmina, jasmine and ornamental currant. During the cutting you can shape the plant in any way you like.


Fertilizing shrubs and trees is another very important step in spring garden care. Feed shrubs with compost or organic fertilizer. Bark can be scattered under conifers to reduce the occurrence of weeds under trees.

Plant cover

When there are no spring frosts, you can begin to remove the covers and shields from plants. The right time is usually late April or early May. Although many gardeners recommend removing the covers only after May 15, which is after the so-called Cold Spring.

After you have uncovered the plants in the beds, you can spread peat and bark as mulch – a great way to keep weeds down. If there are blooms or withered leaves in the beds, remove them. When the weather is good, you can make room for new plants.

Planting early spring plants

You can start planting certain species of plants in early spring without the fear of frost. This way, you can enjoy seeing them throughout the summer and fall. In early spring, when the ground has thawed, you can plant some bulbous plants including dahlias, irises and lilies.

Early spring is the right time to plant roses, peonies and magnolias. During this time you can also plant trees dug from the ground (they can be planted until the leaves appear). It is worth choosing only healthy specimens.

Care of small garden architecture

Garden maintenance should also include cleaning and restoring garden furniture. The garden paths and the driveway should also be weeded during this time. Early spring is also the right time to clean the pond.

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