How to protect cherries from starlings?

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How to protect cherries from starlings?
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Starlings are the bane of many gardeners. They can effectively destroy the harvest of cherries and berries. Today we will look at methods to deter these pests.


These birds are necessary and useful, they protect the orchard from harmful insects, but sometimes they also greedily look at our crops. Therefore, despite their dislike, all deterrent methods should not endanger the lives of these birds. They are only meant to keep them away from our fruit trees, and especially their fruit.

Blow cannon

Such cannons produce a bang up to 120 dB, which allows to chase these birds away even from a considerable area. Unfortunately, this solution is effective but not long-lasting, because after some time starlings get used to this sound and continue to come. Moreover, the bang has to occur from time to time, which will be a nuisance not only for us, but also for our neighbors.

Sound repellent

These devices are similar to bang cannons, but they emit the sound of birds of prey, dangerous for starlings. The downside is their poorer range, as they are intended for use in gardens rather than sizable orchards. Unfortunately, as with bang cannons, starlings get used to the sound


Sonic devices, which emit a sound inaudible to humans, work well in built-up areas as they only deter birds. The range of ultrasound is smaller than the aforementioned devices, and it has a very targeted effect.

Starling kite

This kite resembles a bird of prey, so that starlings will not come near our cherry trees. The advantage of this solution is that they do not emit noise that is disturbing to the environment. They are placed high in the garden or orchard. Unfortunately, starlings also get used to this view after some time

Protective netting for trees

Basically, the only way to protect yourself from starlings in the long term is to install protective netting. It protects cherry trees by preventing birds from getting into them. It is installed directly on the trees or on a special structure. This netting does not endanger bird life, but it effectively restricts access to the fruit. Starlings will not be able to bite through such a net and get inside, they also cannot get entangled in it. The netting does not impede the cherries’ access to light.

Chemical protection

Among chemical agents, NOBIRD is recommended. It is dissolved in water and the resulting liquid is sprayed on the trunk and soil around the cherry tree. Such protection lasts up to 14 days, and the preparation itself is relatively cheap. Starlings sense this agent and do not approach the tree

As you can see, there are many ways to deter starlings, some are less effective, others more. These are ways that in no way threaten the life of the birds, which is undoubtedly a big plus. The choice of a particular method also depends on where we live.

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