Pansies on the balcony – when and how to plant?

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Pansies on the balcony – when and how to plant?
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Spring is the time when everything blooms and our gardens become more colorful. The most popular spring flowers are easy to grow and do not require any additional care

Pansies are the most popular spring pot flower and are easy to grow and care for. There are thousands of varieties of pansies worldwide, which differ mainly in color, habit and shape. In the first year after planting, only the leaves grow, while in the next year it already blooms very profusely. You can see that their lower flower is the largest and is a stepmother, and on the sides the flowers are smaller and called cinderellas

Which pansies to choose for your balcony or terrace?

Pansies are flowers that range in color from white to juicy reds to vivid black. However, the most popular varieties are the two-coloured ones, which can be used to create beautiful and interesting compositions. These flowers are perfect for spring because they bloom for a long time; from April to June. It is a good idea to choose pansies from a wide range of varieties, which are ideal for spring because they bloom for a long time from April to June

When choosing pansies, pay attention to whether they are not already bloomed with visible spots on the leaves or other signs of disease. The best pansies are those that have visible, yet undeveloped buds. Pansies symbolize care and make a balcony or patio a great place to relax

How and when to plant pansies?

The pansy planting season can start as early as March when it’s getting warmer and there are signs of spring. They are resistant to low temperatures. It is worth noting that the pansies you buy at this time come from greenhouse crops. This is why they must first be hardened and accustomed to the temperatures prevailing outside. To do this, first place them in a sheltered spot on the balcony in such a way that they are not exposed to cold wind. Then you can plant them in pots or boxes and put them in uncovered places

Garden pansies are flowers that do not need special care. They do not have high soil requirements, so you can use all-purpose garden soil when planting. Before you get down to planting, pour drainage on the bottom of the pots to prevent the roots from being crushed. This can be gravel or expanded clay available at gardening stores. Then pour in soil with moderate moisture. Pansies are delicate, so they need to be handled with sensitivity. The soil should cover ¾ of the pot so that you can water the plant freely

How do I care for pansies?

Pansies thrive in both sun and light shade. They’re a good choice if you want to keep them in the sun or shade, but excess sunlight can cause them to fade, especially the most pigmented varieties. This includes maroon and dark blue pansies. It is also important to remember to protect them from strong winds and heavy rainfall

Pansies require constant moisture, but they don’t like to be flooded too much. Their soil should be slightly moist, but not wet. That’s why it’s a good idea to mix the soil into which you plant pansies with a fertilizer designed to keep them moist. The fertilizer should be enriched with hydrogel and ingredients improving the soil structure. It is also recommended to use a watering can for pansies and pansies with a high water content. The best way to water pansies is to pour water directly into the soil, avoiding the leaves and flowers. It is best to water the plants early in the morning, so that the sun will dry the leaves during the day and the excess water will evaporate. It is advisable to remove blooming flowers and dying leaves to make room for new buds and prevent the development of infections.

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