What kind of preserves to make with summer fruits?

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Jalynn Peterson
What kind of preserves to make with summer fruits?
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It used to be that every good housewife had to have a pantry full of preserves at home. This is a good way to prepare a portion of vitamins before winter. Made by our grandmothers and mothers, now they are back in favor

Preparations that we will make in the summer

Despite the fact that the store shelves are full of them, it is worth making them yourself. The most popular sweet preserves are those in the form of jams, pasteurized juices and compotes. Also popular are fruit purees for infants. Marmalades will be an excellent addition to various kinds of cakes and desserts. Juices can be used as a warming syrup for tea. You can make them from seasonal fruits. In June is the season for strawberries. You can also make preserves from strawberries, gooseberries and cherries. In July, this will be, for example, blackberries, cherries, apricots or currants. You can also use some fruits from the previous month, such as strawberries. In August, bet on different kinds of plums. Pears, apples and raspberries are also available. If you don’t know when fruits are available, visit your local market. You can ask the vendors for the exact types. The best place to get products for your preserves is there

However, if you do not have access to seasonal fruit, bet on products purchased Fruit preparations from proven companies are as healthy as those homemade. They save us a lot of time. They are also useful when we do not have the necessary skills to make them.

You can prepare various pickles and products marinated in vinegar. Pickling is one of the oldest methods of extending the shelf life of a product. Marinades also work well for this purpose. As for vegetables, young beets are most popular in June. In July cucumbers appear, which can be prepared in many ways. You can also make preserves of zucchini, ko hlrabi and eggplant. August is the best time to prepare ground cucumbers and tomatoes. Tomatoes can also be prepared in a sweet version, for example as a pickle. In late August, some mushrooms will also appear. However, the season for them is not until autumn. Preserves are a great idea for enriching dishes. Those made salty will go well with most traditional dishes. They are a delicious addition to dinners. They will even come in handy as snacks

Health benefits of preserves

Pickling has been known around the world for thousands of years. Pickles are natural probiotics. Thanks to that they support work of digestive system. They have a positive influence on digestive processes. They are very good for immunity. They have many healthy vitamins, for example C, A and E. Due to their high content they can be used as natural dietary supplements. It is best to consume pickles made by yourself, because then they do not contain preservatives. In Poland, we usually pickle cabbage, beets and cucumbers. It’s worth to try this method of preserving food on garlic, pears or plums. Pickled cucumbers are also low-calorie product. They are a rich source of fiber, vitamin A and K. Also, they are a good alternative to fresh vegetables in the winter season

Marinating foods is a safe way to store food. It is preservation using vinegar. Mainly this way is used for flavor enhancement and shelf life. Marinated fruits and vegetables are still rich in valuable nutrients. The most common way is to make pickled cucumbers this way. You can also subject red peppers and various fruits to this method. In this case, a little sugar is additionally added to the vinegar. Marinated garlic acts as a natural antibiotic. Such a preparation will strengthen the immune system. It will be a great addition to the diet for winter and autumn

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