Columnar fruit trees – garden design ideas

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Columnar fruit trees – garden design ideas
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Wondering what plants will decorate your garden? Columnar fruit trees are a perfect solution for the arrangement of the garden space. This is a variety of trees, which is characterized by a narrow and slender habit

The seedlings of columnar fruit trees are a long-term investment; they accompany us for many years. To enjoy them for a long time, you need to choose the right species and the place where they will be planted. For a sunny place with fertile soil, the trees will return the favor with abundant yields. Their cultivation is not the easiest one, because you have to protect them from diseases and pests, as well as from frost and drought

What distinguishes columnar fruit trees?

In contrast to traditional trees, which over the years develop large crowns, they form only one large shoot, from which numerous but short twigs grow. They are characterized by a columnar structure and their advantage is that they grow slowly. This means that the circumference of several years old specimens does not exceed 80 cm and their height reaches a maximum of 2 or 3 m. Columnar fruit trees, despite their small size, look nice and produce tasty fruit. They are an excellent solution for people who don’t have much space in their garden, but still want to enjoy their own harvest

Columnar fruit tree ideas

Do you want to have your own fruit orchard but have a small space in your garden? Just choose columnar fruit trees that do not take up much space and do not overshadow your garden. This way, you can plant several types of trees in a small space and create an unusual garden arrangement. Their fruits are as tasty as those collected from traditional fruit trees. Their great advantage is that they come in different shapes, which makes the garden attractive and nice to look at.

Columnar fruit trees are decorative and can be arranged in groups to form a composition with other potted plants. Another very practical idea is to place them along a railing or fence. The screen created from them will shield from the sight of neighbors and provide privacy in the home space, while not limiting sunlight

How to choose columnar fruit trees for a small garden?

Columnar fruit trees are an original solution among people who want to have a practical yet neat garden. They don’t take up much space, so they are best suited for small gardens. Because of their compact, columnar structure they can be placed in small distances, thus creating a mini orchard. Columnar fruit trees can also be planted in pots, so you can change their location and positioning relative to other plants. They can be used as an alternative for balconies or terraces for people living in blocks of flats. You can combine different types of trees; with apples, plums, pears or cherries. Besides, you can also opt for fruit bushes with gooseberries or currants. The moment they bear flowers and fruits appear, the garden will be colorful and pleasing to the eye

How do I care for columnar fruit trees?

Make sure that they are located in a well-sunny place. This will ensure that their fruit will be ripe and juicy. Depending on whether you opt for miniature trees in pots or plant them in fertile ground, pay attention to the quality of the soil. When preparing a suitable substrate, mix fertile soil with compost to enrich it with mineral nutrients

It is best to fertilize the seedlings of columnar trees in the spring, because watering them depletes the soil of the ingredients needed for growth. After one year from planting, you can enjoy the first fruit. Columnar fruit trees do not grow to large sizes and, therefore, do not require additional pruning. Only dry, damaged and frosted branches can be pruned, and pruning does not promote excessive growth. However, it is very important to bend upwards the shoots that grow out of the stem. They should all grow at nearly right angles. To bend them you can use special clamps.

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