Where did the Polish cube style houses come from?

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Where did the Polish cube style houses come from?
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In the construction industry, the term “cube” is attributed to the specific design of houses that gained their popularity during the communist era. Characteristic residential buildings are currently a big inspiration for many designers. They even appear on the market, although in a slightly refreshed form. Where did the idea for such a building come from? Check what is worth knowing about this topic.

Square-shaped house – when did the idea for Polish cube come about?

A specific construction of a square-shaped house with a flat roof was created as a universal solution in construction. It was popular especially in the People’s Republic of Poland, and the first designs and ready-made constructions were created as early as the 1960s in the 20th century. Regardless of the size of the town or city, they were put up practically everywhere – starting from small villages and ending with large urban agglomerations. Until now, they can be found practically in every larger city

It is worth emphasizing, that because of the date of their construction, these buildings are not considered new. They cannot be qualified as historic buildings, either. People who decide to buy a house in such construction must take into account the necessity of additional modernization.

What distinguishes houses in Polish cube style?

The characteristic feature of the Polish cube house is, first of all, standard cube construction and flat roof. The distinguishing feature is also the usable area. According to communist regulations, it was clearly defined and could not be larger than 110m2. That is why some homeowners decided to have a built-in loggia, where an additional room was arranged. Not without significance were also proportions of the construction itself. All three dimensions had to be similar to each other. Only then it was possible to achieve the characteristic cube shape, and therefore the houses could have one floor at most. However, this did not pose a problem for the development of the space inside the house. All because flat roof construction allowed to avoid bevels on the first floor

Is it worth to build a house in Polish cube style and how is it insured?

Cube style houses are now present on the secondary market. In this case their biggest advantage is location and, contrary to appearances, quite good size. However, the biggest disadvantage of old constructions of this type is their technical condition. This, however, can be improved by conducting renovations. As with any other residential building – the basis will be the insurance policy. A good solution is e.g. home insurance on rankomat.pl – the website allows you to compare different options

Choosing a cheaper policy, you get standard insurance coverage, including protection against vandalism. However, it is worth considering a more expensive property insurance option. Then you can gain

  • an additional home assistance package with third party liability,
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