Nature inspired posters – 4 themes

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Jalynn Peterson
Nature inspired posters – 4 themes
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Bring nature into your interior! Contact with nature is important not only in eco or Scandinavian style – natural elements will fit perfectly even in minimalistic and modern arrangements

If your walls have been empty and undeveloped so far, it’s time to use them. Apart from mirrors, shelves and hanging vases, it is also worth considering frames and decorative photos. We suggest which nature-inspired motifs work well in various arrangements.

Monstera leaves

Monstera leaves are an emblem of urban jungle style. Large, fleshy and round leaves look great in person – but if you can’t afford to grow this plant, incorporate it into your decor with posters! In interiors with lots of wood and subdued colors, you can easily hang a poster showing a realistic leaf habit in color.

In minimalist and modern arrangements it is better to bet on the discreet charm of simplicity – a golden outline of a monstera leaf or its outlines sketched in pencil will certainly look more coherent


Feathers are a very common theme. You will find it especially in boho style, which is entirely associated with something light, unexplored, slightly esoteric. It is in boho bedroom that you will find, for example, dream catchers, in which natural feathers also appear.

If you are looking for light and delicate compositions, which will suit modern and subdued interiors,bet on feathers painted in watercolor or sketched in pencil. These posters will also fit into the children’s room, especially in pastel


And if feathers, then birds. Birds are the embodiment of freedom and individuality, which is why they often appear in more private spaces, such as the bedroom.Hummingbirds, doves and crows seem to be the most popular. Posters with birds can also serve an educational function – just make sure you choose one where they are painted realistically and signed. Nature lovers and children will definitely enjoy such decoration


Floral patterns are already a universal expression of the feminine hand in arrangements. Roses, tulips, freesias – whatever buds they are, they will fit perfectly in shabby chic style arrangements

A great idea is to make such decorations by yourself – all you need is a frame and dried flowers of your plants. Put fresh flowers in a paper towel and baking paper, and then squeeze them tightly in the atlas. After some time you will get dried and flat flowers, which can be glued to a clean sheet of paper and enjoy their natural beauty for a long time

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