A lesson in conscious buying, or how to start zero waste shopping?

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Jalynn Peterson
A lesson in conscious buying, or how to start zero waste shopping?
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Are you on a walk, but you accidentally stopped by the store to pick up a newspaper? Didn’t bring a bag with you, and besides that, did you grab a few more snacks? Start doing some conscious zero waste shopping! Here’s how to get started.

Shopping list and preparation for a visit to the store

First of all, before each shopping trip, make a list of the products you need. It should be tailored to your planned menu, as well as your current inventory. Check if you don’t have rice, pasta or a can of tomatoes in the cupboard. Maybe you don’t need to buy more produce at all because you still have it in stock.

Take shopping bags with you that are made of fabric. Reduce plastic and protect the environment!

In the supermarket

Once you are in the store, look for products that can be bought by weight. This is better than another package of fruit or vegetables packed in plastic. If you can, also choose stores that have food from local suppliers. Support the Polish economy and choose consciously. Are there only bent carrots, oddly shaped cucumbers or lettuce that isn’t fresh enough? Before they go to waste, you can make a delicious cocktail out of them.

If you can’t buy by weight, choose glass instead of plastic. Such packaging can be reused later.

Focus on the seasonality of products – this way your dishes will be fresh and tasty. Pay attention to the bottom shelves, where there are often cheaper substitutes, but they may not differ in composition from those products you know from advertisements.

Exactly – always read the ingredients of food products and opt for those that are the least processed.

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