Free range eggs chosen by most Poles

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Free range eggs chosen by most Poles
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Today, over 70% of Polish consumers choose free-range eggs. Why have eggs from happy hens become so popular?

Increase in consumer awareness

Over the last few years the awareness of Polish consumers has increased. Thus, more and more companies are using free-range eggs for their products. Among them is a major Polish pasta producer.

More and more Poles are choosing what’s natural

Companies are deciding to give up caged eggs, as the number of Poles who buy natural and unprocessed food is growing every year. According to a survey carried out by CBOS, hen farming conditions were an important criterion for over 70% of Poles when buying eggs. Almost as many consumers say they are willing to pay more for products which contain free-range eggs.

Any breeding is better than cages

Organic, barn and free range – each is better for laying hens than cages. Free-range eggs are one-way eggs, which along with organic are among the most expensive in stores.

The awareness of Polish consumers is changing the egg market. It is still dominated by cage farming but the structure is slowly changing. As many as 140 companies operating in Poland’s food industry have issued an official statement that they will completely abandon caged eggs by the end of 2025.

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