Wooden flowerbed, or how to restore an old ladder?

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Jalynn Peterson
Wooden flowerbed, or how to restore an old ladder?
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Wooden flowerbed is a great idea to decorate your home, garden, terrace or even balcony. What’s most important, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You can make it yourself, using already unnecessary things such as an old ladder. How to go about it?

Old new items

An old ladder can be used to make many new things – a rack for books or records, a wooden flowerbed. If you have such a ladder, it is worth using it. It will be perfect as an original garden decoration or a flower stand

Preparing the ladder

It may turn out that the ladder we found is in poor condition. It should therefore be cleaned of dust and dirt and sanded (using a grinder or sandpaper), so that it does not cause splinters later on for the household. If it is necessary, its structure should also be strengthened.


Shelves can be cut from boards with the appropriate tools or bought ready-made to size in a construction store. To make shelves you can use wooden elements lying around the house, they do not have to be new. It is worth once again searching the basement or garage for such items. And these do not have to be shelves. If you feel like it, instead of shelves you can use baskets in which you will plant flowers (no pots sticking out of them)

Making the shelves

Place the board by the steps and mark the place that will need to be cut. Remember that the width should be the same as the width of the pots. It may even be a bit wider. Cut the boards in the previously marked places (the best is to use a jigsaw). Remember to sand all the edges afterwards. Do not leave the shelves loose but screw them to the rungs (wood screws). If your ladder is staggered, you can connect its steps by nailing a shelf between them. This will increase the surface area and ensure that the flowerpot will fit on it and will not fall off.

Painting the wood

Now the flowerbed needs to be painted. You can do it with acrylic paint in any color (usually it’s classic white though) or with stain or varnish to emphasize the texture of the wood. You can use a regular brush or roller to paint, as well as a spray system, and let it dry.

Colorful flower pots

Just the choice of flowers and you’re basically done! Flowers in colorful pots will look great on wooden steps. Maybe in a boho style? A flowerbed can be a kind of decoration or a place for herbs. It depends on us how we will place it.

Old thing in new version

An old ladder as a wooden flowerbed works great. It doesn’t take much work to turn it into a fantastic decoration for flowers or herbs, and if we get bored of it, we can use it as a bookcase, e.g., for books or household rubbish. It’s worth considering what else we can do with our old overdue things and use their potential.

Main photo: Antranias/pixabay.com

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