How to save electricity at home? 9 ideas

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Jalynn Peterson
How to save electricity at home? 9 ideas
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Are your electric bills coming in higher and higher and you have no idea how? Do you want to start spending less on electricity but don’t know how to do it? Then be sure to check out our guide and find out the best ways to save energy at home.

Turn off the lights when you leave the room

A mistake many people make is leaving the lights, TV or radio on even when they leave the room. Even if you are leaving for five to ten minutes, you will do best if you turn off all the lights. Try not to leave even small lights on overnight. After making these changes, you may notice a difference on your electricity bill. The energy consumption will be reduced, so you will pay less.

Replace traditional bulbs with LEDs

It may seem like such small changes don’t make a difference, yet replacing a traditional bulb with an LED one can make a real difference. LED bulbsare energy efficient and can last for several years . Replacing them can generate up to 80 percent energy savings. This difference will certainly show up on your electricity bill.

Place desks and kitchen worktops near windows

If you work from home or have children, be sure to place your desks near windows so you can do your work or study in natural light. This way, turning on the lamp will not be necessary, which is great for your household budget. In addition, do not forget that your eyes get tired the least with natural light. By arranging your furniture in this way, you can make a good impact not only on your savings, but also on the health of your eyes and those of your loved ones.

Use dimmers in homes

Today, modern technology allows for many home improvements. It is possible to use dimmers and light intensity controllers in the home. This means that a light that is on does not always have to shine the brightest. In just a few seconds, it can be dimmed slightly, which will generate savings. You can adjust the light intensity according to the time of day and your individual needs. When reading a book you need more light, while when watching a movie you can give it a little less.

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Choose bright wall colors

Saving electricity at home can be planned already at the stage of renovation and decoration of the apartment. Just choose bright wall colors to make the rooms instantly brighter, even after dark. White, beige or yellow paint colors on the walls mean that much less lighting will be needed to make them bright enough. In addition, it is worth knowing that such colors optically enlarge the rooms.

Washing machine and dishwasher should always be full

Many people make the mistake and turn on the washing machine or dishwasher when the device is not full. The entire capacity of the machine should be used to make it more economical to use. If your washing machine and dishwasher are used 100 percent, you will use them less often. This is another way to lower your electric bill.

Unplug equipment you don’t use

It may seem that a computer, lamp, or vacuum cleaner that is not being used but remains plugged in doesn’t draw any power at all. The truth is that they consume power all the time, but in minimal amounts. However, if there are several such devices in your home and they remain plugged in non-stop, your electricity bill will certainly increase significantly. Just unplug them to notice the difference.

Buy power strips

However, if you don’t want to go around every day plugging and unplugging all your devices, then a power strip is perfect. You can connect multiple devices to one power strip, and all you have to do is unplug the plug from the strip or turn off the flow of electricity – which is possible with the red button mounted in the strips – and all the devices connected to it will be cut off from the power.

Cook economically in the kitchen – induction stove

This solution is recommended for those who have an induction stove in their kitchen. It is best to use pot and pan lids to reduce cooking or frying time. This way water or food will heat up faster and the generated heat will not be lost.

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