Proportions in the living room – how to choose the size of the sofa, table and TV?

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Proportions in the living room – how to choose the size of the sofa, table and TV?
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Before you are decorating your living room. It is obvious that you want your interiors to look as beautiful as possible. How to achieve this? We suggest – you need to take care of the right proportions. Find out more!

The secret of beautiful interiors lies in proportions

The devil is in the details, and the secret of the most beautiful interiors – in proportions. It is the properly sized furniture that largely determines how the whole room will look. The various elements of a room’s furnishings should play with each other, creating an inspiring whole. Is this difficult to achieve? Not necessarily. If you have the opportunity to get advice from an interior designer, then of course it is worth thinking about, but if not, you can also manage. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

Is a large TV always the best option?

Let’s start with the issue of the TV, because it is sometimes the most problematic. It is very often the case that we dream of watching our favorite series on a big screen at home, but we do not take into account the fact that our living room – where the TV usually stands – is simply small. It doesn’t make sense to set up a big TV in such a room, as the viewing comfort will be much less.

Experts have certain assumptions on this subject. For example, in the case of Full HD televisions, if the distance from the couch is 3 meters and more, you can even afford a receiver with 75 inches. If, on the other hand, this distance is about 2 meters, 55 inches will be a better choice. For small rooms, where the distance from the couch is about 1.55 meters, a diagonal of 37 inches is enough.

The size of the couch – what should it be?

When it comes to the couch, it is impossible to set strict rules, but you can simply rely on yourself and your expectations. If possible, the couch should be large and comfortable, but also fit the size of the room. We can hardly imagine a huge sofa in a tiny living room, where it would take up most of the space. You need to proceed with great sensitivity in this case, taking into account first of all the function of the sofa. If it is also a sleeping area, you will need to take this into account in order to leave enough space.

Sometimes the couch also has the task of separating different rooms from each other – this is often the case with open spaces where we have a kitchen, living room and dining room.

Coffee table

In the case of the coffee table, it is safe to say that we have the greatest looseness. It complements the whole room and is a decorative accent. Sometimes we also keep a vase of flowers, books or newspapers or other decorations on it. There are also times when nothing stands on it on a daily basis. Our suggestion? Choose the kind of table you like. Just be sure not to clutter the entire aisle with it!

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