How to fashionably decorate a small living room?

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How to fashionably decorate a small living room?
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Nothing stands in the way of decorating a small living room in a fashionable and modern way. In arranging a small room a lot depends on colors, character of furniture and its location. Read how best to organize a small living room, so that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing

A small living room is an arrangement challenge for many people. Small living space requires a thoughtful purchase and arrangement of equipment and furniture. A solution often recommended by architects and interior designers is to integrate the lounge area with the kitchenette. This will allow better lighting of the room and make the living space more functional. If your living room is connected with the kitchen, you can keep both these zones in the same color scheme, making the room seem more spacious

Floor and wall colors

Bright floors and walls in subtle colors, such as white, ecru or ash, optically enlarge the interior. Bright finishes are not always practical and easy to keep clean, but they are worth considering, because – especially warm shades – have a positive influence on the nervous system

Living room equipment

Furnishing a small area should be well thought out. Many interior designers recommend that for small rooms, the amount of furniture should be reduced as much as possible. A good solution for the living room is to buy multifunctional and folding furniture. Of particular interest is the pull-out sofathe foldable sofa, which takes up little space, can be used as a couch and a bed for guests

A sofa of small dimensions is also a good solution for couples. In an apartment, where there is not a large number of family members, a small sofa will neatly blend into the interior, fully ensuring a comfortable rest. Arranging a small space requires creativity and setting priorities. A fold-out sofa may serve as a sofa and a bed, and a comfortable pouffe may serve as a seat and be a storage for shoes at the same time. It is important to choose furniture that looks light, is versatile and presents uncomplicated forms

As an alternative to the sofa, you may purchase two elegant and functional armchairs. They will be much easier to move than the sofa, and they will also guarantee you and your guests a comfortable rest. However, remember to choose armchair for the living roomhowever, remember to choose an armchair that will match the color and style of the rest of the living room furniture. For people who particularly value their privacy and the possibility of isolation from the outside world, we recommend egg armchairs. Models with an original, oval shape perfectly fit into the modern style. The armchairs can be complemented with a folding wooden table, which will take up very little space when folded

In a small apartment, it is also important to store wisely and use the room ergonomically. It is worth maintaining a minimalist decor, which will allow you to achieve the effect of a clean and uncluttered living room.


When arranging the interior, you should pay due attention to each element of the decor – starting from the walls and floors, through the furniture, to the accessories. In a living room with a small area mirrors will work well, which, properly placed, will give the illusion of depth and optically enlarge the living room. It is also worth investing in plants that purify the air.

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