Flowers for balcony – TOP list of plants

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Flowers for balcony – TOP list of plants
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Are you dreaming of a beautiful, lush garden on your balcony? No problem! All it takes is a little imagination, a few pots and a hand for flowers. Check out what plants to plant in a balcony flowerbed!

Flowers in the home not only bring a cozy touch to the interior, but also help you relax and purify the air. Some people go a step further and, in addition to potted indoor plants, decide to start a garden on the balcony. If you’re the home gardening type, check out what plants you can plant on your balcony to enjoy their beauty for years to come!

Let’s start at the beginning – bulbous plants

Some bulbous flowers bloom more profusely year after year and form more bulbs in the soil. These are bulbous plants which don’t need to be dug up for the winter, are also easier to look after and, as a result, can do very well on the balcony too.

The most popular bulb flowers in balcony gardens include fragrant hyacinths, charming narcissi and crocuses. These bulbous plants bloom very early in the spring, so your balcony will already be displaying a variety of colors and scents early in the year.

Perennials for the pot

Seasonal plants that have to be reseeded every year have one advantage – they usually don’t require much space, so they are suitable for small gardens or even for balcony flowerbeds. But what’s more fun for the amateur gardener than nurturing one plant for many years and watching it grow?

Some of the most popular species to be found on balconies and terraces are lavenders, rudbeckia, hollyhocks, geraniums or lupins. If you’re dreaming of artistic chaos in flowerbeds and pots, check out the position and watering requirements of these plants – if they are similar, you can safely combine them in a variety of compositions.

Not just small flowers – trees and shrubs for balconies

You can also grow dwarf trees and small shrubs on balconies. Of course, these require larger pots and room to grow (just like any perennial, they need to be replanted from time to time), so it’s not the best idea if you have a very small balcony. If you’re a fan of larger plant arrangements, try adding hibiscus, roses (including climbing roses), hollyhocks, boxwoods to your balcony flowerbed. Maybe even dwarf apple trees? Why not!

How about… a home herbarium?

A balcony is also a great place to grow herbs. Most of them need a sunny place, but there are some shade-loving species. Perennial herbs include various types of mint (including the most popular peppermint), lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, lovage, and tarragon. They will not only look beautiful, but also spread a strong fragrance – and will be useful in the kitchen

Remember to buy plants according to their requirements – if your balcony faces west, don’t buy varieties that require a lot of sun. Check watering often – on the balcony the soil dries faster than in pots at home, so you should often replenish the plants with fluids.

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