Cypress in a pot on the balcony – how to care?

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Cypress in a pot on the balcony – how to care?
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Cypresses are plants that originated in America and Asia. They have gained popularity because they can be used to surround the property. How do you go about growing these plants in a pot? Read on to find out!

Growing in a pot, although it is not one of the simplest, is possible. However, we must remember that cypresses contain essential oils that are poisonous. Eating them causes strong irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, they are especially dangerous for children.

How to take care of cypresses?

You should pay special attention to proper lighting of the plant. Otherwise it will stop growing and the lower part of the cypress will thin out. The best place will be a light shade with access to the sun. As far as the choice of soil is concerned, there are no particular guidelines here. However, it is worth avoiding placing the cypress in the ground with the pH higher than 7 – in such a situation it is better to add peat to change its acid reaction.

Irrigation is so simple because cypresses find the source of water by themselves thanks to a well-developed root system. Watering them is necessary during the summer, when temperatures are high, or during the winter, when the temperature is positive and there is a thaw.

If you are only interested in growing potted cypresses, be sure to water them with soft water containing 100 to 200 mg CaCO3/liter. You can support their growth by using fertilizers. Water them especially when the top layer of soil is dry. Cypresses should be replanted every two years, because of the sterilization of the soil.

How do you trim cypresses?

Pruning the plant is an integral part of breeding: it ensures faster growth of new shoots and thickening of the plant. Moreover, thanks to this you will gain control over the height of the bush. The spring period is the time of pruning the tree, which will improve its spreading

How do I protect my cypress tree in winter?

In winter, you only need to cover the cypress with pine sawdust or felt to protect it from frost. Only some species require special protection; for the rest, it is enough to provide space in which the temperature does not fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

What else should you know?

Watch your plant carefully, a small number of branches in the lower parts may mean insufficient sunlight. In this case, move the cypress to a place with better access to light to allow it to grow quickly.

You can get seedlings in gardening stores both stationary and online. When choosing plants, look for a healthy appearance, which is a sign of quality that will later be visible in the development of the plant. Take care of quality also in the case of fertilizers and peat, which will provide it with minerals.

If you are thinking of increasing your cypress collection, you have a simple task ahead of you. Cut a branch no longer than 20 cm from one young tree. After cutting the stem in several places, place it upright in a pot in a mixture of peat and sand. Water the plant regularly, store at a high temperature and you will be enjoying your new cypress after just a few months.

Check the plant for pests. You can prevent this by spraying it regularly with the right products. If the cypress is nevertheless sick, cut off the damaged branch so that it does not infect the rest of the tree.

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