DIY: How to make a balcony cover?

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Jalynn Peterson
DIY: How to make a balcony cover?
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A neat, beautiful-looking balcony encourages you to spend time outdoors. You should choose interesting lounge furniture, storage boxes and plants, but if you want to keep your privacy, bet on a balcony cover. Did you know you can make one yourself? Here’s our patent!

A balcony screen in a few easy steps

Many things around the house, on the balcony or in the garden you can make yourself. This way you not only get an absolutely original thing, but also have a lot of fun and can even relax. Let’s say that your balcony is almost ready so that you can start having evening feasts or weekend dinners on it. However, you are dreaming of a measure of privacy. Of course, the best solution is a balcony cover that makes you feel at ease. Here’s how to do it!

We’ll use a slatted fence, which is available in virtually every home improvement store. So you can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and even patterns, which of course comes with a price tag. As for the appearance, it is worth matching the color and pattern on the cover to the accessories and furniture that you have already placed on the balcony, then you will get an interesting effect.

How to make covers – step by step

Let’s start by purchasing enough slatted fence to match the size of our terrace or balcony. If you don’t have special tools, you can even ask for the individual elements to be cut on site. Such services are usually provided free of charge in DIY stores, after you have purchased the goods of course.

1. Measure the cover carefully and mark out places such as window sills or various irregularities so that it fits perfectly. It is best to use a small jigsaw for this.

2. The prepared cover needs to be decorated. If you bought a cheaper version, in neutral colors, you can cover it with paint. Do not forget about the impregnation, which will protect the surface from negative effects of weather conditions.

3. We get down to installing the covers on the railings. Attach the previously prepared covers to the railings and rungs so that they fit tightly, and use clamps to secure the boards to the balcony.

4. You can also fit ornaments that go great with these covers. Flowerbeds in different colors are a great option. You can also put herbs in them, which you can later use to prepare delicious dishes. Just buy hooks and, for example, small metal buckets that can be placed anywhere on the cover. Do not forget about the lighting as well. It is, after all, responsible for giving the space an interesting expression. We think small solar-powered lights are perfect. They usually come with a small solar panel that you can place in a flowerbed, for example.

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