Lighting for a small balcony – which to choose?

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Lighting for a small balcony – which to choose?
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A small balcony requires a lot of creativity in decorating the space. What lighting will be best?

What to pay attention to when choosing lighting for the balcony?

When choosing lighting for a small balcony, it is worth paying attention to several aspects. The first of these is safety. To illuminate the balcony should choose lamps only with high IP, that is, resistant to external factors

The second factor is the energy efficiency of the lamps. It is worth choosing LED or solar lighting. This will keep the cost of lighting your balcony to a minimum

The last factor is the quality of construction of the lamps. The best for the balcony will be stainless steel or aluminum fixtures. There are also lamps with integrated LED light available in stores. When the LED light burns out, then such a lamp is to be thrown away.

Types of balcony lighting

Lanterns and strobes

Lanterns and lanterns are the most discreet lighting for a small balcony. The multitude of designs and colors available allows you to adapt them to any style of balcony.

Solar lamps

Solar lamps are another simple way to light up your balcony. They look nice inserted into flower pots placed on the balcony railing. You can also hang them on a hook attached to the ceiling. There are also small solar lamps available in stores, which can be placed, for example, on a table. Make sure that they always have good access to sunlight.

String lights

If there is no access to electricity on the balcony, a noteworthy solution is to install lights on a string. These can be the popular cotton balls or solar bulbs. Such a garland can be hung along the balcony or over the railing.

Surface area lighting

Surface lighting is not very popular balloon lighting. It works best on small balconies because it takes up little space. The lights are mounted in the floor, and the upward light gently illuminates the wall

Wall lamps

More light can be obtained by mounting wall lamps on the balcony. When the balcony is small, you can install one large wall lamp or two small ones. Wall lamps should be matched to the style of the balcony. For small, modern balconies will suit best simple forms in natural colors.

Hanging lamp

On the balcony you can hang a single outdoor lamp such as on a chain. This solution works well on small balconies with a square shape. The location of the lamp should be carefully considered, because if the chain is too long, it can damage the window in gusts of wind

What kind of lighting will be best?

There is no clear answer to this question, because the lighting should be chosen according to individual preferences. Many interior decorators recommend for small balconies wall lamps and solar lamps. They are cheap to run and give a spot, mood light.

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