Sage on the balcony – small plants with beautiful flowers

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Jalynn Peterson
Sage on the balcony – small plants with beautiful flowers
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Sage is a great plant which grows very well on a balcony. In addition, it looks beautiful, smells intensely and has medicinal properties. It is worth mentioning that it comes in as many as 900 varieties and can be found basically all over the world. Why is it worth growing it on your balcony?

Sage growing – basic information

Sage in Poland is cultivated as a multiseason plant. The conditions which ideally suit its requirements are plenty of sun but in a sheltered enough place not to burn the delicate leaves. The recommended soil for this plant is the one that has adequate permeability and, in addition, is properly drained. It is enough to add a little sand to it. As for the pH of the soil, it is worth betting on slightly alkaline or neutral versions. To make the sage grow beautifully, cover the soil with compost or twigs. However, for the green elements to present themselves beautifully, it is worth undercutting the plant. This should be done at about 10 cm from the ground so that it will be more impressive and dense and healthy at the same time. If you want to sow sage yourself, you should do this in March. However, at first the seeds should be in a seedbed and only after a few months, in July to be precise, should you move the plants into the ground. You can also propagate them, but this element of care must be done only in autumn. It is enough to divide the clumps and transplant them to another place. In season, the leaves of sage take on a variety of beautiful colors. You can then harvest them, but do this activity before the flowers appear.

Some of the most common types of sage are: Medicinal, shrub, lavender, nutmeg and white. Each is distinguished by its different leaf shape and use.

How to use sage at home?

Sage is not only a beautiful, striking plant, but it also has many uses. It can be used in the kitchen, added to cosmetics and also successfully used in natural medicine. However, this is not the full range of its possibilities. Thanks to sage you can also fight against moths. Pests are not fond of this intense smell. But not only them. It also acts as a repellent for bed bugs. Simply dry the leaves of the plant and place them in air-permeable bags. After placing them in the right places, you can completely forget about the problem with small bugs. Sage is also used for cleaning. It is an excellent antibacterial agent, and it has a pleasant smell that will spread throughout the house. All you need to do is add the oil of this plant to a wet cloth and wipe various surfaces, for example, in the kitchen or bathroom. But that is not the end! You can also use it to improve your mood. Clary sage has a soothing effect on high stress and feelings of anxiety. It helps to eliminate sluggishness, nervousness and also the feeling of tiredness. For this purpose, it is necessary to smoke in the room. Light a few dried leaves and leave them in an ashtray for 10 minutes. However, it is not recommended to inhale this smoke, because it is irritating and gives an unpleasant feeling of suffocation. However, if you diffuse it in the room, it will immediately improve your mood and allow you to calm down and even fall asleep easier.

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