Embroidery – how to start the adventure of embroidery?

Jalynn Peterson
Embroidery – how to start the adventure of embroidery?
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Are you looking for ideas on how to manage your free time? You don’t necessarily want to spend long hours at the TV series? Maybe you should bet on… embroidery! It’s a hobby that gives a lot of satisfaction. Find out how to get started.

Embroidery – it can be your passion!

This is a suggestion for people who love to try new things. If you associate embroidery only with the youth of our grandmothers, you are wrong – such knitting is currently undergoing a real renaissance and is becoming increasingly popular. As the enthusiasts of this hobby emphasize, embroidering helps to calm down, teaches patience and is a very good way to spend free time. It also doesn’t have to be a time devoted solely to creating patterns. 

While you sit and embroider, for example, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts. That is, it’s simply two in one! Embroidery enthusiasts claim that it is like yoga for the mind.

How to start embroidering?

You don’t need much to start embroidering. You don’t have to leave home, and you can find the necessary tutorials online. However, it certainly involves purchases that you need to make at the beginning. Check out what you will need to get started in this creative hobby.

Embroidery needle

Without it, you are unlikely to get started. Every embroidery machine must be equipped with an embroidery needle. Importantly, however, they differ, so you need to choose a needle for a particular embroidery. As experts on the subject point out, we need different needles for cross-stitch embroidery and others for bead embroidery. In this case, the most important thing is that the needle is made of the most flexible material possible. 


Although it may not be an indispensable thing, it certainly makes the beginnings of the adventure with embroidery easier. We are talking about the tambour, that is, the two hoops between which the embroidery fabric is inserted. It holds the fabric in place and keeps it properly tensioned. It is what keeps the fabric taut, smooth, and keeps the design from distorting and creasing. You have a choice of tambourines made of different materials. Which one will suit you best? Plastic, wooden, or maybe bamboo?


You can embroider on virtually any type of fabric. You can even start on your basic t-shirt. However, if you prefer not to take risks, you can get yourself a linen, cotton or silk fabric and create your design on it.

Embroidery thread

Without thread you will not succeed! The most popular embroidery thread is moulin consisting of several fibers – you can separate them as needed. The choice of this type of thread is so huge that you certainly won’t have a problem finding one you like best.

If you do not want to select each item separately, you can make use of ready-made embroidery kits. Good luck!

main photo: unsplash.com/Gio Gix

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